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Day Five of the OneMinutesJr workshop in Sarajevo

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2008
Dino and Amila present their certificates after the workshop in Sarajevo.

The final day of the OneMinutesJr workshop in Sarajevo has come: The DVD with all 26 films is burnt on the laptop while the trainers are driving in the minibus to the office of FKR, the local Bosnian NGO that co-facilitated the workshop. Upon arrival there, Sabahudin, on of the participants, tells me: "I am so nervous!" It is hard for most of the children not to be nervous and a couple of them already have tears in their eyes because they know that after the presentation, the workshop is really over and that they have to go home and say good-bye to the friends they made here in Sarajevo.

But first things first: The presentation is the longest one we have ever had, because this is the largest group we have ever been working with within five days. And all 26 participants developed and produced their own stories, so we have 26 films to show. Every single one is cheered by the children and the teachers, chaperones and guests in the presentation room. There are so many different topics and the child perspective really comes through in most of them. Amazing how much work you can get done with a dedicated team of children and trainers in such a short time.

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2008
June Kunugi, UNICEF Representative in BiH, at the OneMinutesJr presentation.

After all the films have been screened, June Kunugi, UNICEF Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, thanks the participants and says: "You had a minute for your films. It's not going to take me that long to describe my first impression. It only takes about one second: Fantastic!" The UNICEF Representative then promises the children to spread the films as widely as possible, with partners, at meetings, conferences and film festival. "This is exactly what we had in mind, that we get a really good look at education in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but not from a study or a research paper, but from your unique experience and through your eyes. This is something we can really work with and take into account when we work on improving the educational system in your country."

Finally, Namik Kabil, the Bosnian filmmaker, also speaks to the children and said: "I was here with you at the beginning of the week and I was a bit sceptical then. But after seeing all these films and the way you told your stories, I am truly impressed. This is impressive, you did a really good job!"

All the films will soon be online at the OneMinutesJr website and will participate in next years OneMinutesJr festival. The next stops for the OneMinutesJr team are a workshop in Ethiopia later this month, then the OneMinutesJr awards at the Stranger Festival in Amsterdam in early July and then a workshop in Astana, Kazakhstan, at the end of July.

May 16, 2008 - Sarajevo, BiH - Chris Schuepp





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