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OneMinutesJr workshop on education starts in Sarajevo

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2008
Bosnian filmmaker Namik Kabil (L) in a discussion with the OneMinutesJr workshop participants.

25 children from different parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina have gathered in the capital Sarajevo to participate in a OneMinutesJr workshop supported by UNICEF BiH.

The children will produce a series of 60-second videos over the course of five days with the main topic of the workshop being "education". The group has come together at the SHL House, a youth hostel funded by Schüler helfen leben (SHL), a German student-run foundation that is very active on the Balkans. After a short introduction on the theme of the workshop by a UNICEF BiH staff member, the trainers and the children introduce themselves to break the ice. This does not take very long and soon the first OneMinutesJr films from other workshops come on to illustrate the power of video.

Guest lecture

In the early afternoon, a special lecture is on the agenda. Namik Kabil, an award-winning Bosnian filmmaker, comes to visit the workshoppers and talk to them about script-writing. At the end of a one-hour discussion with the participants, Namik is surprised at how focused they already are: "I told them how important it is to have a good idea of what you want to film before you start taking your first shots. Then some of them told me their stories and I was really impressed. And it's not easy at all to tell a story in only one minute..."

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2008
OneMinutesJr trainer Su Tomesen from the One Minutes Foundation explains film techniques at the workshop in Sarajevo.

The most important part on the first day of a workshop are the individual sessions the trainers spend with the children on the script-writing and the development of a story-board. This takes extremely long today and the sun has already set a while ago when the sessions still continue in the front-yard of the SHL House.

Story ideas

The stories are capturing: Antonin (13) wants to show all the things he could not do if he was not able to read and write. Amila (13) will tell a true story that happened to her and her friends, who found some used needles in their neighbourhood and put pressure on their school principal to invite a drug prevention expert to do a guest lecture at their school. Snezana (14) will show how things should not be at school: An angry teacher who completely loses it and screams at the students. Bribery at school is an issue that will come up in Jovana's (15) film, apparently a common practice in schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Merisa (13) will interview kids at a school where children from the Roma minority can enjoy inclusive education. Then there are also other stories that do not take place in a school environment, but that have messages around life skills and out-of-school education. These and many other stories will be filmed and produced in only five days.

At the end of the week, on Friday, media representatives will come out to watch the results of the workshop. And Namik Kabil, the adult filmmaker who came by for an hour today, also promised to come back. "It will be really interesting to see if they can really get the work done", Kabil said before leaving the workshop.

May 12, 2008 - Sarajevo, BiH - Chris Schuepp





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