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Day Five - The filming continues

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2008
The "Morning Crew" has arrived. Gor, Venera and Gevorg pay an early morning visit to the village of Kosh in Armenia for some filming.

It is still dark in the streets of Yerevan when the first group of youth film-makers sets out to the village of Kosh to get footage from rural Armenia.

Trainer Gor and the participants Venera (12) and Gevorg (17) got up at 5.30AM to make it out to the village of Kosh, 30 kms outside Yerevan, in time for the twilight that an Armenian spring sunrise brings with itself. Mount Ararat breaks through the morning clouds in the distance when the car with the film crew arrives in Kosh. It is still cold at this time of the day, but Sanazan (16) is already out milking the cows and helping her parents at their little farm.

Venera's film idea is to show how different life is in the Armenian villages compared to life in and around Yerevan. While many of the children in the capital city sport the latest fashion and use the latest mobile phones, village life is a completely different story. It has not changed much over the last decades and it is not expected to change much any time soon.

Gevorg, who is from a small town in the North of Armenia, cannot hide his excitement. He also wants to make a film about the problems of modern life in big cities, but in the final scene he wants to be shown where he likes it best, out in the nature. While Venera and Gevorg direct the scenes, Gor tries to get the best shots that really get the emotions of the children across. Meanwhile, the early morning visitors are treated by the hosts with a glass of fresh and refreshing milk.

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2008
Trainer and "location scout": Gor Baghdasaryan (19) from Yerevan

Back in Yerevan, Venera and Gevorg go straight to the other trainers to load their footage on the laptops so they can start the editing process. The other children at the workshop are either already out filming or they are doing the final preparations for their scenes. There is still a lot of work ahead of the children before they will screen their 20 videos to each other and their friends and families on Sunday night.

Yerevan - April 11, 2008 - Chris Schuepp





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