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Moldovan priests act to bring children back into families
Moldovan Metropolitan Church, which comprises the majority of churches in the country, has announced that it supports the residential child care system reform launched by the Government and UNICEF

A child’s dilemma: Choosing between education and family survival
A study on child labour initiated by UNICEF in Armenia found that more and more children are leaving school to support their families.

UN General Assembly opens high-level meeting on children’s issues
The United Nations General Assembly began high-level talks on Tuesday, convening for a commemorative plenary meeting devoted to following up on the outcome of the Special Session on Children held in the same hall five years ago.

For the first time ever, special lessons on HIV/AIDS prevention are taught in schools in Moldova
“Many young people do not realize the danger of HIV and AIDS because of lack of information...”

Why do we need a belly-button?
... and a hundred other ways to teach and entertain Kyrgyz children

UNICEF saves lives of prematurely born children in Moldova
Incubators are vital for the new-born. When a baby is born before term, it does not have sufficient forces to adapt to external conditions.

Iodine Smart: Wise investment in children to reach their full potential
Iodization of all salt for human consumption is the most cost-effective, safe and reliable method of fighting iodine deficiency.

“I am immunized!”
Roma children proudly wear their new T-shirts with the message, “I am immunized!”, showing their arms and saying “It wasn’t painful at all!”

About HIV/AIDS – From person to person
On the eve of December 1, more than 1,000 Moldovan adolescents created a network of HIV/AIDS peer educators. They draw their peers’ attention to old messages but do it in a new manner – sincerely, openly and ingeniously.

‘A Pinch of Salt’ - Azerbaijan’s Progress Towards IDD Elimination
Azerbaijan has come one step closer to achieving the total elimination of iodine deficiency disorders (IDD) and universal salt iodization (USI).

For homeless Russian children, hope and help to get off the streets
Farukh looks like almost any other Russian child: smiling face, clean clothes, even roller-blades. The only difference is that he has no home.

‘The Way Home’ works to protect the rights and lives of street children in Odessa
The Convention on the Rights of the Child was ratified 18 years ago, on 20 November 1989. For this landmark anniversary, UNICEF has launched the ‘CRC@18’ campaign to raise awareness about child rights and the impact of the Convention.

UNICEF Ukraine helps re-unite abandoned siblings and encourages family-based care
Until recently, Makar, 8, and his sister Shura, 7, were growing up apart, abandoned by their parents into Ukraine’s state child-care facilities.

Croatian schools unite against bullying
One hundred children and 200 teachers of the UNICEF-backed violence-free schools initiative met in Zagreb to discuss how to ensure their network can be sustained and become even more effective, five years after it was launched.

Teenage HIV/AIDS activist uses his skill to speak in the name of others in Romania
Cristian Traicu, who was diagnosed with HIV as a baby, is not only a survivor but a fighter. He founded a youth network to promote AIDS prevention and fight discrimination against people living with HIV in Romania.

Promoting access to kindergartens in Azerbaijan
Privatization means kindergartens are becoming less and less available for those living in poverty meaning children are missing out on pre-school education necessary for child’s communication and socialization for their development.

Fortifying a nation through bread
How adding nutrients to flour can boost the health of children and women

Summer youth camps promote peace in the North Caucasus
At the Peace and Tolerance Summer Camp in Dagestan, 150 children from diverse backgrounds learned to work together as a team based not on ethnic identity, but on the goal of forging a common future.

Communities solve lack of health facilities - by building their own
Neighbouring communities in Tajikistan left with little or no healthcare after years of conflict have taken matters into their own hands – and built two health centres.

Peer educators get ready for the fight against AIDS in Moldova
Serge and Svetlana are part of a UNICEF youth network of peer educators whose task over the next year will be to help educate young people about HIV AIDS.

Tajikistan: Children Voice their Opinions
“We debate issues that affect us, like how to solve the problems of boys and girls dropping out of school, how to make the transport system work more effectively for us, on HIV/AIDS – what is the best way to protect us.”

Bringing water, bringing life to people in the most remote areas of Turkmenistan
People in Turkmenistan equal water to something precious. “A drop of water is a grain of gold,” says an old Turkmen proverb.

Pilot project provides a community-sentencing alternative for young offenders in Tajikistan
“No child is born a criminal,” says UNICEF Representative in Tajikistan Yukie Mokuo. “We are demonstrating that children can be rehabilitated and developed, rather than using a punitive approach.”

Why a Tajik doctor enthuses about exclusive breastfeeding
The framed certificate proving Dushanbe’s ‘Maternity Hospital Number Three’ has baby-friendly status sits prominently on a sideboard in Dr Gulahmadova Svetlana’s office.

Tajikistan: Breastfed babies get best start in life
August 2007 - Nilutar’s baby may not have benefited from breast milk if he had not been born at this “Baby-friendly” certified maternity hospital No 3, in Dushanbe.

Children no longer have to separate from their families to attend school in Minoruk
In May 2006, parents and community leaders decided that the schooling situation in Minoruk was untenable and had to change. They approached UNICEF for help.

Centre for struggling mothers aims to break the cycle of child abandonment in Ukraine
July 2007 - Unlike many other children in Ukraine, Marynka avoided the fate of being sent to an institution, thanks to the support of the mother-and-child centre in Fastiv.

Children’s centres provide an alternative approach to juvenile justice in Tajikistan
July 2007 - If Abdul lived in a different part of the country or had committed the theft a few years ago, it is likely that the Commission on Minors would have sent him to a closed detention centre.

Family home shows alternative to orphanages in Georgia
UNICEF and EveryChild demonstrate that the family home works as a system itself, and costs no more than what the government currently budgets for an orphan child – about $4 US a child.

Maral and Sasha learn about their rights and responsibilities at National Children’s Forum
During a two-day National Children’s Forum in Ashgabat Turkmenistan held in June 2007, almost 200 children aged between 12 and 17 learned about child participation and child rights.

Looking back at the Junior 8 Summit: Margarita from Russia shares her thoughts
Margarita (18) from in Russia took part in the Junior 8 Summit in Germany in early June 2007. Now she takes a look back at the event and shares her thoughts and experiences.

Children: A part of the democratic future
June 2007. Eighty-five excited young people sat looking out from the large armchairs which are usually occupied by adult MPs in the Milli Majlis, the Parliament of Azerbaijan on 1 June 2007 when the first session of the first Child Parliament opened.

Photography workshop: Focus on Yevgeny Lapin
Yevgeny, age 12, studies in the fifth grade at School No. 379 in western Moscow, one of the few in the Russian capital with an inclusive education programme.

Photography workshop: Highlight on Yevgenia Shirkina
"It's always been my dream to learn photography," said Yevgenia, "It's very interesting and maybe I'll become a photographer some day.''

UNICEF and Perspectiva organise a photography workshop for children with disabilities
UNICEF and its Russian partner, Perspectiva, is trying to bring inclusive education for children with disabilities to the top of the social agenda in Russia today.

Health Week in Uzbekistan – learning about health giving nutrition can be fun!
Between 30 April and 7 May 2007 almost 10,000 schools and nearly 6 million children in all corners of the country received important information about micronutrients and their role in daily life.

16-year old Russian boy to meet the world leaders at the G8 in Germany
Gleb Nikitin, a 16-year old boy from Pskov, will represent the youth of the Russian Federation when the J8 meet the G8 tomorrow in Germany.

Junior 8 meets 007 - Olga, Salwa and Steffen get support from UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Roger Moore
Olga (17) from Russia, Salwa (16) from Ethiopia and Steffen (17) from Germany will get high-level support today when they give a press conference in the German Presseclub in the heart of the German capital Berlin.

Introducing Adriana Solovei: Moldova’s delegate to Junior 8
Armed with ideas and courage, and now delegated to represent Moldova, Adriana is making plans to change the world.

Miracle, Smoke and Dreams: Voices of young Turkmen filmmakers
The following are a selection of videos made by young people from the National Institute of Culture and the Youth Organization of Turkmenistan during a week-long “One Minutes Jr Video” workshop.

Pupils become pioneers of HIV and AIDS awareness
“Some of my neighbours had not even heard about HIV or AIDS,” said 15-year-old Aybegench. “Life Skills” taught to students at the UNICEF-supported school in Mary region in Turkmenistan not only benefits the pupils themselves, but the whole community.

Moldovan children struggle to cope with their parents’ economic migration
8 May 2007. Five years ago, Valeriu Anton went to work in Moscow, Russia. His wife Lilia recently joined him to seek employment. The parents left six children behind with their grandmother Lidia, but they haven’t yet been able to send any money home.

After bird flu tragedy, communities come together for change in Azerbaijan
2 May 2007. Over a year after the deadly avian influenza outbreak in Salyan, people remain hungry for more information on the disease, its origins and prevention.

UNICEF Executive Board witnesses progress for at-risk children in Kyrgyzstan
1 May, 2007. The President and three Vice Presidents of the UNICEF Executive Board have just returned from Kyrgyzstan, where they visited UNICEF-supported projects to help at-risk children and families.

Institutionalized children return home to family life in Georgia
19 April, 2007. Child welfare reform in Georgia could soon achieve a 40 per cent reduction in the number of institutionalized children around the country.

European Immunization Week marked for the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina
20 April, 2007. With the declarative slogan “Every child has the right to be immunized!”, European Immunization Week is being marked this year in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the first time.

UNICEF schools boost learning in Turkmenistan
16 April, 2007. Child-friendly schools show their added value for pupils in Turkmenistan.

Teenagers from the Balkans produce short films on “Children’s Health & Environment”
April 13, 2007 – Twelve teenagers from Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Moldova, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Albania and Ukraine have gathered in the Serbian capital this week to produce OneMinutesJr videos.

Billboards depict a child’s perspective of life in Chechnya, Russian Federation
13 April 2007. Fourteen billboards funded by the European Commission Humanitarian Aid department (ECHO) have been set up by UNICEF in Chechnya.

Turkish broadcaster TRT works hand-in-hand with children
April 5, 2007 - What do 20 teenagers do at the TRT headquarters in Istanbul? They produce videos for the national broadcaster's youth program.

"baby trees": Young Romanian wins at Tokyo Video Festival
April 2, 2007 - Thirteen year old Dorin Babeu, who made the one minute video baby-trees, was the happy winner of this year's Tokyo Video Festival.

UNICEF and Sesame Street helping to promote education and tolerance in Kosovo
26 March 2007 – In the remote village of Lukavc i Thate/Suvi Lukavac in western Kosovo, 27 children in a community-based early childhood centre are opening gifts brought to them by visiting UNICEF staff members.

Young Moldovan mother who survived trafficking struggles to recover
26 March 2007 - Beaten throughout her childhood in Moldova, Ana, now 21, left home in despair at the age of 12. As a result, she became a victim of trafficking.

Fostering youth participation at home and speaking out abroad
22 March 2007 - Olamafruz Kurbonali, 15, is playing an important role in moderating local debate clubs. Debate clubs are all about helping young people to develop their confidence and ability to express their views.

Helping Roma mothers to raise healthy children and break the vicious circle of social exclusion
5 March 2007. Zorica Tahirovic, 35, is a Roma, a wife and a mother of five. She is also a committed worker of the International Baby Food Action Network, an NGO in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where she coordinates a UNICEF-supported Roma Community Project.

Real lives in 'The Magic Journey’
Kyrgyzstan: Daily animated cartoon is part of UNICEF’s Behaviour Change Communication Programme aiming to help parents in remote and poor areas with no kindergarten facilities to stimulate the learning and development of their pre-school children.

Youth on the air: Tineradio starts weekly broadcast on National Radio
19 February 2007 - Moldova

Чеченская Республика: Важно не только восстановить инфраструктуру, но и залечить душевные раны
7 февраля 2007

Chechen Republic: Slowly the psychological scars are beginning to heal
6 February 2007

A school ahead of the system
31 January 2007 - Odzak, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Not alongside others, but together
23 January 2007 - Bugojno, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bird flu devastates a family in eastern Turkey
18 January 2007 - Van Province, Turkey

Bugojno: A town fit for all children
17 January 2007 - Bugojno, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Jalalabad day-care centre offers new life for children with special needs and their parents
12 January 2007 - Kyrgyzstan

Produced by Teens from Three Nations, TV Program Bridges Regional Divides
Kids Crossroads - Teenagers make a difference in the Caucasus

UNICEF Albania Calendar 2007
'Look me in the eye' is the theme of the UNICEF Calendar 2007, featuring dedicated young Albanians.



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