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Unite for Children. Unite against AIDS
Global campaign to help children affected by HIV/AIDS, fall 2005

Albania: Fighting the stigma of HIV and AIDS
One woman's story highlights the need to tackle stigma and discrimination against those living with HIV.

Armenia: Education for Minority Children
Tackling the issues that undermine ethnic minority education

Albania: In the name of the father
Helping children affected by blood feuds

DISABILITIES. Armenia: My Son Mikhail
October 2005: Project in Armenia aims to keep families together

Armenia: No Small Matter
June 2005: UNICEF aims to revive pre-schooling

Armenia: Peer Education, not Fear Education
April 2005: Young people spread the word about HIV/AIDS

Azerbaijan: Kids Crossroads brings hope to young people
October 2005: Kid's Crossroads TV programme aims to build tolerance in the South Caucasus

Bosnia and Herzegovina: new data reveal barriers to Roma education
December 2005: Data uncovers the depths of discrimination.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: UNICEF-sponsored campaign saves kids from landmines
Puppets help children understand the dangers of landmines

Georgia: a baby-friendly Christmas tale
December 2005: ensuring the best start in life for every Georgian baby

Creating a Better Future: Early Childhood Development in Georgia
Images of children interacting with their parents and tips on early childhood development are displayed on the large television that rests in one corner of the room.

Georgia: integrating children with disabilities into society
UNICEF support for a kindergarten that brings children with disabilities back into society

UN Administered Province of Kosovo: community alliances keep girls in school
Six years after the conflict, schools are recovering with the help of a parent-teacher alliance.

Young people in Kyrgyzstan learn how to get involved and take action
Teenagers develop ideas for the future at a special summer youth camp

Kyrgyzstan: After the Flood
July 2005: UNICEF responds to plight of flood victims

DISABILITIES: helping children stay with their families in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
5 October 2005: keeping children with disabilities in their families and communities

MOLDOVA: Hope for Marina, a 'social' orphan
November 2005: life skills training brings hope to Marina, aged 15.

Minors from Lipcani Penitentiary publish their own newspaper
Young inmates in Moldova find a way to voice their opinions

DISABILITIES: New options for children in Moldova
5 October 2005: the Botanica Centre brings new hope to children with disabilities

Youth photo workshop shows teenagers' lives in Moldova
UNICEF photographer Giacomo Pirozzi guides young people in Moldova to get a different perspective on their communities by taking up a camera.

Romania: A family for Ilinca
A girl living with HIV finds new hope with her foster parents.

Russian Federation: landmine survivors tell their stories
December 2005: As a new UNICEF exhibition on the dangers of landmines opens, children from Chechnya share their experiences

Дети: Еще одно лицо СПИДа в России.
14 ноября 2005 r: Глобальная кампания ЮНИСЕФ/ЮНЭЙДС: Объединитесь для защиты детей. Объединитесь против СПИДа.

Russian Federation: new help for HIV-positive mothers in Cheliabinsk
Maternity nurses reach out to HIV-positive mothers

Russian Federation: the show goes on -- earthquake and all
Young volunteers defy an earthquake to spread the work on HIV prevention.

Russian Federation. A visit to Beslan - One Year On.
September 2005: Journalist John Varoli visits Beslan, one year after the school siege

Russian Federation: Beslan -- One Year On. Photo workshop brings hope to youngsters
August 2005: John Varoli sees a photo workshop turn into therapy for Beslan children

Russian Federation. Beslan -- one year on. Soslan's story
August 2005: a former hostage from School No. 1 tells his story

Russian Federation. Beslan -- One Year On: Alina and Alana
August 2005: Two former hostages return to School No. 1

Russian Federation: Beslan -- one year on. The Pukhayev family
August 2005: 18-year-old Tamara Bagaeva interviews the Pukhayev family

Russian Federation: Beslan -- One Year On. The Katsanov and Ambalov families
August 2005: a young writer meets two families touched by the tragedy

Russian Federation: Beslan -- six months on
John Varoli visits Beslan to see how children are faring, six months after the siege at School Number One

Russian Federation: Rustam's story
John Varoli tells the story of Rustam, a Beslan survivor

Russian Federation -- Beslan survivors speak out
John Varoli meets Beslan siege survivors

Tajikistan: young people take the lead on HIV prevention
November 2005: As Tajik society slowly awakens to the dangers of HIV, UNICEF works with young people on HIV prevention.

Ukrainian teenager wins Staying Alive Foundation Award
Denis Stepura's idea to build an HIV/AIDS website for young people gets funded by Staying Alive Fondation

Ukrainian teenager: "My biggest dream is to run a youth radio or TV station."
Interview with young mediamaker Denis (19) from Kiev, Ukraine

Uzbekistan: Moynaq village faces the Aral Sea disaster
One village shows the devastating impact of the disaster

$2.8 million for fortified flour will help fight iron deficiency in Uzbekistan
Awareness-raising by the Children’s Parliament

From the Regional Consultation: one girl's story
July 2005: Madina, aged 14, from the Republic of Chechnya, Russian Federation

Children never run out of questions
Regional Consultation in Slovenia - July 7, 2005

UN Study on Violence Against Children
Independent expert Professor Pinheiro meets with young experts in Slovenia

International Children's Day of Broadcasting 2005
Children and young people take over the airwaves between Albania and Uzbekistan on ICDB






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