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Armenia: breaking the wall of silence on abuse and neglect
A feature on child abuse and neglect in Armenia

Azerbaijan: Tezegul's dream
Tezegul, 14, shares her dreams of having a family

Russian Federation: Yura finds a family
A foster care programme in Russian Federation gives hope to an orphaned boy

Serbia: immunization to reach the unreached
An immunization campaign aims to reach Roma children.

Romania: A nursery where kids flourish, teachers are inspired, and parents are delighted.
An article on the Step by Step programme for nursery children in Romania.

Armenia: Tackling HIV/AIDS stigma in the classroom
A feature on life-skills based education in Armenia to tackle HIV/AIDS stigma

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Vanja and Anna find refuge in Mostar
The story of two girls trafficked from Russia and Moldova who have found refuge in Mostar

Moldova: Students visit young detainees
An article on high school students who visit young detainees in Moldova

Georgia: alternatives to orphanages -- a shelter for mothers and children
An article on the Mother and Child Shelter at the Tblisi Infants' Home, Georgia

Kyrgyzstan: The reality of child poverty
An article on the first Child Poverty Conference in Kyrgyzstan in 2004.






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