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OneMinutesJr workshop in Montenegro - Day 2

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2010
Workshop participant Ivan and radio presenter Jovena at a radio station in Podgorica.

by Chris Schuepp

PODGORICA, Montenegro - September 18, 2010 - The second day of the OneMinutesJr workshop in Montenegro starts with an introduction to different film techniques used in OneMinutesJr videos before we continue with more discussions with the participants on their individual film ideas.

After lunch, it's time for "the real fun", which means that we go out and shoot the first few films. Trainer Jose takes one group to a nearby park and the other group goes to a radio station. A radio station, for a film? Yes, Ivan's film will partly be shot at a local radio station. Ivan is 18 and disabled. While listening to the radio at home, he "fell in love with the presenter's voice". He found the presenter, Jovena, on facebook and started communicating with her. He also wanted to meet her, but he was afraid that she would reject him because of his disability. However, Ivan took all his courage to the station and now he and Jovena are friends, because it doesn't matter to her that Ivan cannot walk very well.

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2010
Petar takes over the camera on Day Two of the OneMinutesJr workshop in Montenegro.

The next film takes us to a park where Andrea, a disabled girl, sits alone on a bench. It happens to her quite often that she feels alone. All of a sudden, some girls approach her and ask her to join them and go to a cafe. In the cafe, Andrea obviously enjoys her "special day", but she is also wondering why not every day is such a special day...

It is difficult for the participants with disabilities to travel by bus and walk with the help of others from one film location to the other, but their reactions are still very positive and it is really a good team-building exercise - the children with disabilities enjoy being part of the group and the others learn a lot and help wherever they can. It's exactly what their films will also show, but for today, we have covered enough ground and the sun is setting, so we pack up the cameras and go back to the workshop room to thank the participants for an interesting an eventful second workshop day.





Daily Diary from the OneMinutesJr workshop in Montenegro in 2010


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