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OneMinutesJr workshop in Donetsk - Day 3

© Chris Schuepp / UNICEF / 2009
Kevin (13) preparing for his first-ever filming experience.

On the third day of the OneMinutesJr workshop in Donetsk, there's even more activity than on the first two days. Most of the participants are either out filming or are setting up their "sets" in the hotel in the center of Donetsk where everybody is staying this week. In the meantime, a teddybear, a bicycle, syringes and other little "props" are organized so most of the films can be shot today. Two groups are out in the morning and another group of children is working on an animation film in the workshop room.

Nazar (15) from Kyiv has gathered Yosif (14) and two of the chaperones to shoot his film. In four different locations (hotel room, hotel lobby, kitchen and stairs outside the hotel) he manages to set the scene for a OneMinute family drama. The young boy in the film sees his parents fighting, both are leaving and the mother tears up a photograph of the "happy couple". Nazar is the producer of this film and he is in a way producing a film about his own life. He wants to send out a message to parents to think twice before they split up and leave their children in a mental state of shock. His film is the first one that is filmed and edited and ready for everybody to watch.

In the meantime, other children experiment with the camera equipment. There are lots of questions about the correct recording, the viewing, the zooming and so on. The most important thing however is to not only give the young participants a better idea of how to film, but what to film. The composition of the images, the flow of the images and the different perspectives are what really gives a film its special character.

© Chris Schuepp / UNICEF / 2009
Nastia and Alina are having fun at the workshop.

Talking about "special things"... In the evening it gets spooky in Donetsk. Nastia and Alina have dressed up and painted their faces and bodies because they are playing in a "horror movie". Not a real horror movie, of course, but one with a social background. It's a film about nutrition - good food, bad food. It's going to be interesting to see what will come out of a colourful filming session like that later in the week.

Chris Schuepp - Donetsk, Ukraine - August 19, 2009





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