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OneMinutesJr workshop in Astana - Day 1

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2009
Young participants at the video workshop in Astana discussing their film ideas.
Young people from all over Kazakhstan have gathered in the capital Astana this week to participate in a OneMinutesJr video workshop. They all were selected by UNICEF Kazakhstan to be part of an exciting project that will take place in the Central Asian country throughout the summer.

UNICEF is conducting a regional consultation with children and adolescents to find out more about the issues of the young generation, their dreams and their problems. A group of teenagers - the VJs - will follow the process with cameras while another group will work as facilitators. The results will be shown during a conference later in the year that will round up the consultation and give recommendations for the Kazakh government on how to address the young people's issues.

The OneMinutesJr workshop this week will train the VJs in video-making and will at the same time show the facilitators what is needed to organize the shooting of a proper film. The first step, as always, is developing good story ideas. On the first day of the training, this is the main priority and most of the participants already have interesting ideas after the first brainstorming session.

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2009
Maksim in the box - ready for the auction!
Alja (15) from Astana will do an auction. You will see the auctioneer and the bidders, but it's going to be kept open until the end what the auction is all about...

Ruslan (19) from Almaty has several great story-ideas. One of them is centered around the TV in a living-room. A father is watching TV while his young child is drawing a picture. When the child wants to show his father the drawing and steer his attention away from the TV, the father puts the child on "mute" and continues with his TV programme.

Nikolai (17) from Aksu has a very "graphic" idea. He will take a large piece of paper, draw the Russian letter "Я" (meaning "I") on it. Then you will see different things being dropped on it: Cigarettes, an empty beer can, a needle. All of a sudden, the paper catches fire and all the things disappear through the black hole the fire has torn into the paper.

Tomorrow the group will finalize the story ideas and the filming can begin...

Astana, Kazakhstan - July 8, 2009 - Chris Schuepp



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