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UNICEF / Giacomo Pirozzi / 2010
© UNICEF / Giacomo Pirozzi / 2010
UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Sir Roger Moore and his wife meet with disabled children in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Real Lives tells the stories of children in Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States whose lives have been touched by UNICEF.

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Most recent articles from 2011

Promoting child rights with teachers of North Ossetia - Alania
22 June 2011 - Education workers and future teachers from the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania learn to use the child rights teaching manual developed through the joint efforts of UNICEF and the Dagestan State Pedagogical University.

Day Centre is home of happiness and hope for Gardabani youngsters
GARDABANI, Georgia, April 2011 - Each child here is living with an intellectual disability. Significantly, each youngster is also living with a smile on his or her face as they play in their newly built playground at the Gardabani day centre.

Good parent-paediatrician communication - a key to success
FOCA, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 31 May 2011 - A series of roundtables supported by UNICEF is being held in the cities of BiH.

The friendship train tours Turkey
TURKEY, 10 May 2011 - 33 children – all members of Turkey’s provincial child rights committees – undertook a train journey of almost 2,000 kilometres in April as part of a UN joint programme targeting the development of Eastern Anatolia through culture.

Lives devoted to humanity: Delivering as One in Kara Suu
KARA-SUU, Kyrgyzstan, 20 April 2011 - KARA-SUU, Kyrgyzstan, 20 April 2011 - When Kanybek was 14 years old, his mother fell very ill, and he resolved to become a doctor.

All we need is a peaceful sky over our heads
OSH, Kyrgyzstan, April 2011 - Today is a festival in the local school, celebrating deepening of friendship, mutual understanding and accord between people of different ethnicities.

"I am the most important“ play performed in Busovaca
BUSOVACA, BiH - 20 March 2011 - By the end of the project 50 performances should be watched by around 4000 children of the first to fourth grade age. The Genesis project is implemented with the support of UNICEF.

Cash allowances help families with HIV positive children in Tajikistan regain hope
DUSHANBE, Tajikistan, March 2011 - Playing with her three-year-old son, Olim*, Marhabo tells me a story of desperation and hope.

Construction of proper latrines contributes to cultural change in Kyrgyzstan
OSH, Kyrgyzstan, 17 March 2011 – Sanitation remains a cultural taboo in Kyrgyzstan, where it is seen as disgusting and shameful.

“Knock-knock. Geniuses are being born here.” - Effective Perinatal Care in Batken
OSH, Kyrgyzstan, 1 March 2011 - We are in the maternity department of Kyzyl Kiya town hospital. The town, on the road from Osh to Batken, is not large. The maternity department is also small, but more than 3000 babies are born here every year.

Young people in Osh build peace through volunteering, debating and sharing
OSH, 25 February 2011 - Small initiatives like setting up garbage bins in school yards and constructing benches in public parks unite youth volunteers and fill them with pride because they feel of use to their community.

In Ukraine, the oldest profession meets state of the art HIV programmes
Adolescent female sex workers in Ukraine live on the fringes of society. They negotiate risk as routinely as they negotiate prices.

Спасибо за жизнь! ЮНИСЕФ и Pampers продолжают проект "1 упаковка = 1 вакцина"
3 февраля 2011 - В ТЦ «Метрополис» прошла благотворительная выставка «Лаос. Сердца и улыбки», организованная Pampers и Детского фонда ООН (ЮНИСЕФ) в рамках проекта «1 упаковка = 1 вакцина».

Women building their lives together - Six months after the June 2010 emergency
January 2011 - The tragic events of last June in southern Kyrgyzstan had a lasting impact on Ibragimova Madina. She was left with a sense of fear, depression and a feeling of irremediable loss.

'Not My Life' filmmaker says modern slavery is a children's issue
NEW YORK, USA, 19 January 2011 – A feature-length documentary that exposes the brutal reality of human trafficking, and its disproportionate impact on children, has its world premiere in New York tonight.

Thinking and talking about the future
Tansulu and Mobichehra are two 15-year-old school girls currently in the 9th Grade of the Babur school in Aravan, southern Kyrgyzstan. They are very close friends who have both suffered through the mental anguish of the June 2010 events.

Two schools in one building
Kyrgyzstan, December 2010 - On 19 November Sharipova School opened its doors for all the children of Tolstoy School – one of two schools which were burnt down during the June violence.

The birth of a new school in Kyrgyzstan
The children see their mothers cleaning the building, and their fathers painting and rearranging the inside. Walls have been knocked down to make classrooms for 250 children.






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