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Day Four - OneMinutesJr workshop in Skopje

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2008
Stefan editing his OneMinutesJr video.

On the fourth day of the workshop, it is time to start the editing process. However, a couple of movies still need to be filmed. One of them is Jovan's film, in which a young boy is bullied both in the classroom and in the school-yard. What is interesting for the trainers is the fact that the bullying looks almost real. Once the other students get started, it is hard to stop them.

When the editing starts, the teenagers go through the footage with the trainers and decide which scenes actually make it into their films and which go straight to the virtual rubbish bin. Some of the participants were really into the acting and directing, others are now fascinated by what you can do with the footage on the computers. Mario: “The acting was ok, but this is really cool now!” Filip, who is working with the Serbian OneMinutesJr trainer Vava on his “rap movie”, is also amazed by what his idea is turning into. Filip: “The whole workshop is great, just great. The acting, the filming, the editing. I like the acting most. I would love to do more films!”

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2008
Glued to the laptop: Stefan (12) at the workshop in Skopje.

It is hard to focus on the editing as the children are really loud today and everybody is making suggestions as to which scenes are the best. Stefan (12) is glued to the laptop and shuffles back and forth on the timeline to see what would be the nicest shot to take into his film. All of the participants are getting nervous as tomorrow night at 6 PM, the “big presentation” is coming up. That is, if we manage to get everything done by then...

Chris Schuepp – Skopje – October 29, 2008



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