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Day Three - OneMinutesJr workshop in Skopje

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2008
Katarina filming a scene for her own film.

The third day of a OneMinutesJr workshop is traditionally one of the most hectic days. Children with cameras running around everywhere, asking questions, directing and acting in movies. Katarina (12) needs a basketball for her film. Once that has been arranged, she can start shooting. Two boys, obviously friends, play basketball in the schoolyard. When a good-looking young girl appears on the scene, they both "instantly" fall in love and start fighting with each other over who is going to get the girl's attention. The fight gets physical and in the end the girl goes to the boys and tells them: "You know, I don't like boys who fight at all!"

For Stefan's movie, we have to go to an apartment that we organized as a location for the filming. The main character in the film, a young boy, comes home with his report card and wants to show it to his parents. The mother is reading a tabloid newspaper and the father is watching TV. Both pay no attention to the boy at all. This makes the boy aggressive and the next day in school, he lets his aggressions out. A reminder that sometimes violence in schools has its roots somewhere else.

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2008
Mirjana acting in a movie as a "nerd".

Mirjana (12) brought some huge "old-school" glasses today, because she has to act as a "nerd" in her friend Martina's film. The "nerd" is socially excluded and as if that was not enough yet, her classmates finally steal her glasses and break them.

Tomorrow, when the editing starts, some of the participants will have to wait for their turn. To prevent them from boredom, we already asked them to do some "vox-pops", ad hoc interviews, in the streets of Skopje. The question: "Is bullying violence?". It will be interesting to see what the answers are...

Chris Schuepp - Skopje - October 28, 2008



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