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Day Two - OneMinutesJr workshop in Skopje

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2008
Anastassia (right) filming Stefan (12) who is capturing a blackmailing scene with his mobile phone to help a friend and himself.

The morning of the second day of the OneMinutesJr workshop on "Violence in schools" starts with the trainers getting out the cameras. While the first team already goes out to shoot footage for a film, the other trainer sits down with those participants whose stories still need to be "polished". But soon enough, everybody gathers in the backyard of the "Pioneer House" in Skopje where the workshop takes place. The backyard with its graffiti walls looks like a schoolyard and is a nice backdrop for Stefan's film.

An older boy sits on a wall with a baseball bat hidden behind his back. When a younger boy comes by, he demands money from him and finally also gets it. Then a second boy comes and the same thing happens again. The older bully threatens the young boy and pushes him around until he gets the money he wants. Cut. The two boys who handed over their money sit together on a bench and talk about what happened - and they have a plan...

The next day, one of the boys is again approached by the bully with the baseball bat, but this time his friend hides behind a tree and films the whole scene with his mobile phone. The moment the bully asks for money again, the "cameraman" jumps out of his hiding place and screams at the bully, showing him that everything has been captured on the mobile phone and now the two boys demand their money back from the bully.

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2008
Aleksandra enjoys working with the camers. In the background: "Rapper" Filip

The whole camera work on this film is done by Anastassia (14), who did not have to be asked twice to take over and do the filming. While Anastassia already had some limited camera experience, Aleksandra (13) has never used a film camera before. Still, when Filip need some shots to be taken for his "rap movie", she volunteers and with some help from the trainers, she soon knows what she has to do to get good images on tape. In the afternoon, she wants to do her own film and needs all workshop participants for this.

Two boys are fighting in the school-yard and the others have nothing better to do than cheer the two boys on who are already rolling over the ground, punching each other. All you see in the film though is the cheering children - you do not see what is actually happening. One of the cheering kids is filming the scene with his mobile phone and at the end of the film you see how he uploads it on YouTube to further humiliate the two boys who were fighting. The working title of this film is "Violence in schools 2.0".

Chris Schuepp - Skopje - October 27, 2008



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