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Day 2 sessions

Plenary 3 

Taking stock and identifying priorities


Ms. Anna Nordenmark Severinsson on 'Setting the scene: Situation of children with disabilities in Central Asia – Rights and Realities'

Programme Specialist, Child Protection, UNICEF Regional Office for CEE/CIS

Country statements on current situation of children with disability and planned actions for realizing their rights:

Ms. Maira Aisina

Member of the Social and Cultural Committee of Majilis, Parliament of Kazakhstan

Ms. Nuriila Dzholdosheva

Head of Social Development Department of the Government Apparatus of the Kyrgyz Republic

Ms. Dilorom Mirsaidova

Head of Department for Youth, Sports and Tourism under the President of Republic of Tajikistan, Deputy Chairperson of the National Commission on Child Rights under the Government of Tajikistan

Ms. Shemshat Atajanova

Head of the department, National Institute of Democracy and Human RightsTurkmenistan

Ms. Judith Hollenweger expert presentation on 'Social rights based model to defining and classifying disability'

Head Priority Area Inclusive Education at the Zurich University of Teacher Education; Steering Committee member of the ICF Research Branch, WHO-FIC Collaborating Centre

Plenary 4

Right to health and to habilitation and rehabilitation (CRPD, articles 25 & 26)


Ms. Bettina Schwethelm expert presentation on 'Primary care and home visiting services for early identification and support for young children with developmental difficulties and/or disabilities – what is available and what is needed in CEE/CIS?'

Specialist, Early Child Development and Health, UNICEF Regional Office for CEE/CIS

Ms. Svetlana Mladenovic Jankovic on 'The continuum of care through the health sector to reduce disabilities and vulnerabilities – from the maternity to home visiting at the household level'

Head of the Health Education Unit, Health Promotion Center, Institute of Public Health of Belgrade, Serbia

Ms. Khojaeva Aziza on 'Implementation of Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) for Children with Disabilities in Tajikistan, lessons learned and steps forward'

Head of Child and Adolescent Unit, Department of Mother and Child Health, Ministry of Health, Republic of Tajikistan
Ms. Maia Kherkheulidze on 'Early identification and services – The role of developmental pediatrics'
State Medical University, Child Developmental Center, Georgia

Plenary 5

Freedom from exploitation, violence and abuse (CRPD, article 16)


Mr. Nigel Cantwell expert presentation on 'Realizing article 16: State accountability to protect children from violence – what does it entail?' 

Independent Senior Child Rights and Protection Expert

Mr. Vyacheslav Kalyzhny on 'Taking stock of violence against children in institutions in Kazakhstan, lessons learned and next steps'

Head of the National Human Rights Center, the Deputy Ombudsperson of Kazakhstan




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