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Strengthening child protection systems in their response to violence against children, in Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina (18-19 September 2012)

BELGRADE 18 June 2012 - The workshop “Strengthening child protection systems in their response to violence against children - turning evidence into policy and results” is a regional activity in the context of the "Violence against children" project. It is the follow up to a research on how different service providers respond to violence against children which has been carried out in the four countries in the first year of implementation of the EU-UNICEF project. Combined with other evidence available at country level the study provides a baseline for strategic planning on how to shape up policy and systemic interventions with an aim of building coherent child protection systems able to respond to violence against children.


• Disseminate findings of the research with partners, allowing them to take stock of the different blocks required in their child protection system for allowing proper response for protecting children
• Identify strengths and weaknesses in responses to violence against children in the participating countries
• Make recommendations for policy changes to develop adequate services in order to build coherent child protection systems;
• Review opportunities, challenges and lessons learned for such policy reforms to happen in the changing policy environment of the participating countries.

Overall the workshop will make the case for better evidenced based planning and policy development in the area of violence against children and share lessons learned from an international level. At the end of the workshop there will be recommendations for countries on what changes are needed at the levels of policy, child protection system and services for coherent responses to violence against children. Hence, it is expected that by the end of the workshop, countries will have guidelines and/or draft strategy on policy implementation for better system response on violence against children.

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