On World Children’s Day, we all have one team - the children's rights team!

Joint press release on the occasion of World Children’s Day (International Children’s Rights Day in Poland) by UNICEF Emergency Response Office in Poland and the UNICEF Poland National Committee.

18 November 2022
One team

WARSAW, POLAND, 18 November 2022 – On November 20, we celebrate International Children's Rights Day. This date is not accidental - it commemorates the Convention on the Rights of the Child adopted on November 20, 1989. This year, this special day will be held under the themes of tolerance and anti-discrimination.

In 1989, the United Nations adopted a convention that guarantees the rights of all children in the world. The Convention on the Rights of the Child is designed to protect children and support them in their development. This year, the celebration of the International Children’s Rights Day is accompanied by an important message - we want to draw attention to the issues of diversity and tolerance and counteract discrimination.

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Children's rights apply to all children - regardless of their origin, skin colour, gender, language, religion, views, cultural affiliation, disability or level of wealth. Every child is equal before the law and should not experience unfair treatment. Raising awareness of tolerance, both among children and adults, is the key to creating friendly living and development conditions for all children.

“This year, International Children's Rights Day is celebrated under the theme of inclusivity, equality and tolerance. These are the values ​​that UNICEF strives to promote around the world and that should apply to every child. It would not be possible without the support of our donors, partners, Goodwill Ambassadors, but also friends and supporters. It is thanks to them that we can help the most vulnerable children and effectively fight for their rights every day,” said Renata Bem, Deputy Executive Director for the Polish National Committee of UNICEF.

The issue of supporting children no matter where they come from has special resonance for UNICEF in Poland this year due to the war in Ukraine. In March, the UNICEF Emergency Response Office in Poland was set up in record time to support families fleeing conflict. It is working with national and municipal government as well as civil society partners to keep children learning, healthy and safe.

“Poland has provided pivotal historical support to UNICEF and children’s rights, through founding father of UNICEF Ludwik Rajchman and through the initiation of the drafting of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1979,” said Rashed Mustafa, Country Coordinator for UNICEF’s Emergency Response Office in Poland. “So it is no surprise that the Polish people and authorities have stepped up to support Ukrainian refugee children in Poland with open arms and hearts. We are proud to work with Poland to make sure all children, especially the most vulnerable, can benefit from their fundamental rights enshrined in the CRC and are very happy to celebrate International Children's Rights Day with our colleagues at the National Committee.”

Specifically in education, the UNICEF Emergency Response Office in Poland is supporting all children to access formal and non-formal education and expanding learning opportunities for around 500,000 children in Poland. In child protection, 585,000 children, adolescents and caregivers are being reached with mental health support. In health, 350,000 refugees are benefitting from hygiene supplies. And in youth engagement, over the summer 150,000 adolescents from Ukraine and Poland benefitted from summer camps, which included education, mental health support, life skills, Polish lessons, and games.

This year, UNICEF Poland National Committee once again invited educational institutions from all over Poland to celebrate the International Children's Rights Day. More than 1,900 schools and kindergartens have already declared their participation in the celebrations. Educational activities devoted to children's rights will be held in all schools that have signed up for our campaign. For teachers, we have made available a specially prepared, rich package of teaching materials. Schools and kindergartens can also show solidarity with all children in the world, especially those whose rights are not respected, by participating in special events proposed by us: playing games, painting murals or going in the blue marches.

This year, the UNICEF Poland National Committee also invited our business partners to participate in the celebration of the International Children's Rights Day. Companies are eager to join this day, which is particularly important for UNICEF, by actively communicating information related to children's rights in social media and through events for employees.


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