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Moldova joins global efforts to end Violence against Children

CHISINAU, 22 November 2013 - A major communication campaign for violence prevention involving Government officials, civil society organizations, celebrities, private sector and media representatives is underway in Moldova. The efforts are led by UNICEF who has a powerful role in bringing partners together to fight violence against children and give them the best start in life.

Government and civil society committed to end violence 

Violent practices as a form of disciplining children are widespread in Moldova. More than half of children aged 6-7 years old are subject to physical punishment. Moreover, even children up to 1 year are beaten by their parents. The violence is often caused by public tolerance to this phenomenon, the social norms that encourage beating and lack of positive communication skills of parents with children. To address the issue of violence against children the Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family in partnership with UNICEF, private sector and civil society launched on 22 October 2013 a national communication campaign entitled "Protect my childhood".

The campaign aims to reduce public tolerance towards violence against children, to promote positive parenting and use of non-violent disciplining practices and to mobilize professionals and communities to report cases of violence. The campaign will run for one year in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Health. It will include several outreach activities at national and local levels, such as dissemination of video spots, public lectures, informative classes, drawing competitions in all schools, mass media activities. In parallel, there will be trainings of specialists and strengthening of the legal framework to better identify and support children victims of violence and abuse in Moldova.

Gas Natural Fenosa Company and “Motivation” Association – key partners in the campaign

Gas Natural Fenosa Company joined national efforts in this campaign and agreed to supply information leaflets on non-violent disciplining practices with electricity bills to all their customers. During September-November 2013 information leaflets with practical advice to parents were distributed to 700,000 households nationwide. Gas Natural Fenosa invited the Association of persons with disabilities "Motivation" to partner in the campaign. Eight young people with disabilities, beneficiaries of "Motivation" Association, were invited to staple the leaflets to the electricity bills. Young people were offered a real job and created all the conditions to perform this activity during three months at the company’s premises. Young people who are wheel chair dependent were helped every morning to enter the building and were provided daily meals at the organization’s buffet. They felt empowered and understood how it is like to be employed, to go to work and be paid at the end of the month. Apart from supporting the national antiviolence efforts, the project opened them new perspectives and opportunities for future life.

Involving celebrities to influence parents ‘behaviour

An important component of the campaign is a powerful Public Service Announcement (PSA) narrated by Pavel Stratan, a famous national singer from Moldova and three celebrities from Romania - Andreea Marin, Gica Hagi and Smiley. The PSA is leading the viewer through a series of scenes depicting invisible violence against children and is equal to the one featuring Liam Neeson, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, but narrated by local celebrities who voice one single message: “Just because you can't see violence against children, it doesn't mean it isn't there. Make the invisible visible. Help us make violence against children disappear. Join Us. Speak out”. 

In an informal atmosphere at a café in Chisinau with attendants ranging from the Ministries’ representatives to members of civil society, bloggers and mass media, Pavel Stratan together with UNICEF Representative in Moldova, Nune Mangasaryan, Minister of Labour, Social Protection and Family, Valentina Buliga, launched the PSAs and spoke about his own experience of raising and educating his children without violence. The PSA is part of UNICEF #END violence against Children Global Initiative launched worldwide in July 2013. The four PSAs are running in Moldova during the period of 12 November - 12 December 2013.

Young people – the driving force of the campaign 

More than 50 young people – among them young journalists and bloggers trained by UNICEF – are actively involved in spreading around peer to peer anti-violence messages. They organize radio programmes, conduct flash-mobs and write blogs about safe and positive behaviours.

A creative flash-mob involving young people from Youth Media Center NGO was organized on 23th of November 2013 in the capital city Chisinau. Young people painted T-shirts with anti-violence messages and exposed them to the public. In this way young people mobilized their peers to break the silence and report violence against children.

Another important component of the campaign is the national drawing competition where children are called to be creative and express through drawings what a caring family means for them. Children are also taught how to address violence in special classes organized in all schools of Moldova.   

The awareness raising activities are part of the Communication Strategy on the Prevention of Violence against children in Moldova and support the implementation of the National Strategy for Child and Family Protection. 

For more information about the national campaign “Protect my childhood” in Moldova, please visit our website  

Click here for more information about the global UNICEF #ENDviolence against Children initiative 

For more images from the events, visit UNICEF Moldova on Facebook

Watch the PSAs on "Ending Violence against Children" here:

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Media Officer
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