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Georgian media take more caution now when reporting on children

TBILISI, 13 November 2013 - A considerable progress has been achieved in observing ethical standards while reporting on children. Journalists and editors are more careful with children’s issues than before. These are the results of the three-month media monitoring carried out by the Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics. The monitoring took place from June to September 2013 and was supported by UNICEF.

UNICEF Representative in Georgia Sascha Graumann welcoming the presentation of the media monitoring results carried out by the Charter of Georgian Journalists with UNICEF support. UNICEF/Geo-2013/Khizanishvili

Today you can hardly find direct identification of children and youth in conflict with the law, those victims of violence or involved in a family drama. The three-month monitoring period revealed one more common trend: the media is mainly interested in children’s issues on particular dates, e.g. 1 June – the International Children’s Day, and while news reporting. In-depth coverage of the topics such as health, education, social protection, which are particularly important for children’s development, is rather seldom. 

Despite the obvious progress, the results of the monitoring reveals that there are still cases of violation of child rights and ethical norms. For instance, the children are often used as objects for charity and advertising; children’s issues are covered in sensational and dramatized manner (particularly, when it concerns criminal or social issues); inadequate terminology is often used (in case of children with disabilities); family dramas with children are also often reported.

Director of the Charter of Georgian Journalists Tamar Rukhadze presenting the results of the three-month monitoring on ethical reporting on children. The media monitoring was supported by UNICEF. UNICEF/Geo-2013/Khizanishvili

About the monitoring
During the three months (June, July, August) the Charter of Journalistic Ethics monitored the Georgian media to see to what extent the published articles on children were in compliance with the professional and ethical standards. During this period over two thousand articles were monitored by the Charter.

The Charter appealed to particular media outlets when monitoring revealed ethical violations. The most of the media organizations tried to correct the flaw and accepted the recommendations. As the project envisaged public discussions of the monitoring results, the Charter and UNICEF organized meetings with journalists in Telavi and Batumi and held discussions with the students of the schools of journalism to present the intermediate results. The final report presents the trends regarding the media reporting on children, analyses the cases of violation of ethical standards and works out the specific recommendations. 

 The final report of the media monitoring can be found at:,,

For further information, please contact:

Tamar Rukhadze
Executive Director of the Georgian Journalistic Ethics Charter
Tel: 599 40 90 31

Maya Kurtsikidze
Communication Officer, UNICEF Georgia
Tel: 599 53 30 71



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