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Albanian OneMinutesJr video wins award in Tokyo

OneMinutesJr video
© OneMinutesJr
Scene from the OneMinutesJr video "Look what she did!"

Tokyo, Japan - March 2, 2008 - Albanian OneMinutesJr film wins "Selected Works" award at Tokyo Film Festival

19-year old Limonera Bozha from Albania was awarded in the "Selected Works - overseas" category at the Tokyo Film Festival 2008 for her film "Look what she did!" The film was produced at a UNICEF-supported OneMinutesJr workshop in the Albanian capital Tirana in October 2006.

The workshop brought together 20 teenagers from different regions in Albania to produce OneMinutesJr videos on the topic "violence against children". The videos were used by the UNICEF office in Albania during the launch of the UN Study on Violence against Children, also in October 2006.

TVF 2008 website
© TVF 2008 website
TVF 2008 website, announcing "Look what she did!" as a "Selected Work" in the overseas category

The young Albanian workshop participants wrote their own scenarios, then drew up their story-boards and started filming and editing their videos. Within five days, they managed to produce 20 outstanding short films that show what different forms of violence against children they have seen or suffered from and what this feels like from their perspective.

In Limonera Bozha's film, a schoolboy tears up his homework and his books and then tells his mother that his sister made a mess of his things. The mother believes the lying boy and beats up his little sister, then feed her with red peppers and throws her out of the apartment. Limonera (18) said after the workshop in October 2006: "This is a true story, I did not make it up. This happened in my close surroundings here in Albania. I wasn't sure I should really make a film about it, but I like the way it turned out."

The workshop, held at the Marubi Film School in Tirana, was conducted by trainers Amir Borenstein and Effie Weiss and organized by Chris Schuepp, coordinator of UNICEF's Young People's Media Network in Europe & Central Asia.

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