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 Baby Trees
Article 24: Children have the right to a clean and safe environment.
By Dorin Babeu. Romania.

Article 6: Children have a right to develop to their full potential.
By Desislava Ickova. Montana, Romania.

Article 28: Every child has a right to education.
By Bogdan Nikolov. Bulgaria.

 Diana & Sabrina
Article 9: Children have the right to not be neglected.
By Margarita Gulperina. Uzbekistan.

 Try to Tear This Up!
Article 13: Children have a right to freedom of expression.
By Malohat Toxtayeva. Uzbekistan.

 No Time for You
Article 19, 32: Children have a right to protection from neglect; Children should be protected from child labour.
By Merina Dervishi. Albania.

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Article 19: The right to protection

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Article 31: The right to play

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Celebrating 18 years of child rights

Global website "Know your rights"

CRC @ 18 in CEE/CIS

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