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The OneMinuteJr is a project supported by UNICEF and the European Cultural Foundation (ECF). It empowers and encourages young people (aged 12-20) in Europe and Central Asia to use their creativity in the production of one-minute videos.

The topics are chosen by the young filmmakers who are also the actors, directors and cameramen of the films. The films are produced at workshops held by UNICEF and the ECF or sent in to the project coordinators without prior notice. All films take part in the annual OneMinutesJr competition that awards the best films of the year in the open category “Best of the world” and the social inclusion category “Inside – Out”.

Violence has been a topic in a number of films produced since 2003 when the project began in the region. Here is a short selection of relevant films. You can also find online versions on the OneMinuteJr project website.

Shadows by Megi Melani (16), Albania

Sleeping at the orphanage by Tatiana Panait (19), Romania

Home sweet home by Besart Saliu (16), Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

I don't want to play anymore by Anoush Mouradyan (14), Armenia  

They imitate by Tamuna Geliashvili (17), Georgia

Thin air by Henrietta Boakye (16), Netherlands

Think before you drink by Dejan Ristov (19), Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 

Video player - Georgia 2013
TBILISI. 13-17 May 2013 - 19 films from a OneMinutesJr workshop in Tbilisi, Georgia, on "Violence against children"



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