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"baby trees": Young Romanian wins at Tokyo Video Festival

Dorin at the Tokyo Film Festival

April 2, 2007 - Thirteen year old Dorin Babeu, who made the one minute video baby-trees, was the happy winner of this year's Tokyo Video Festival sponsored by JVC. He was nominated out of 120 one minute videos and won a trip to Japan to receive his prize, a certificate and 600 Euros. Find out how he experienced his first visit ever to an Asian country.

Interview with Dorin Babeu at the Tokyo Video Festival

Did you ever imagine you could win a prize like this by making a video lasting only one minute?

I had no idea I was even participating in the Tokyo Video Festival. I read somewhere that theoneminutesjr and TVF were collaborating but I never thought about it again. I was already lucky enough to be nominated at theoneminutes festival in Amsterdam. I never expected this!

How did you react when you heard you were invited to go to Japan?

My mother heard the news first and called me up on my mobile to tell them the good news. I was in the country side and couldn't believe it. I was so excited and thrilled to hear that I was the lucky one going to Japan!

What are your impressions of Japan so far?

It is so different from Romania, you can not even compare it. It is so developed, civilized and beautiful. The people are so polite and the culture is so different. I am really into nature, that is also why I made a video about the forests in Romania. Japan is a country which has many earthquakes and today I felt a minor one standing on the brigde. The brigde started to move and shake. It was the first time ever for me to experience an earthquake, even such a minor one. The feeling was incredible. I like Japan!

Are you enjoying the festival?

Yes very much. It is great being the youngest person in the festival who actually won a prize. Everybody is asking me questions about my video and asking me how I created it and why. It makes you feel quite good and maybe it will even inspire me to make more videos. JVC is really taking good care of me and even hired a Romanian translator so I could understand what people were talking about. The videos that were shown were very nice and I enjoyed learning more about the other participants.

What would you like to say to other one minute makers?

The sky is the limit. I mean I never expected to win any of this, but I did.  If I can do it you can do it!






Watch Dorin's award-winning video!

Click here to watch Dorin's film on the OneMinutesJr website!


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