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One Minute videos made by young people

junior: Deniza Georgiva Veselinova, 2004
title: change

junior: Vangel Kirilov Hristov 2004
title: untitled 

junior: Elizabeth Vasileva Rumenova 2004
title: the world needs colors

junior: Veronika Ilcheva, 2003
title: Hitar Petar   
description:The movie is about the misunderstood people in our society, no matter if they are young or old. This movie is inspired by a Bulgarian folk story about a poor person called Hitar Petar. Literally translated his name means Clever Peter. We changed it a bit because this type of everyday stories is more often met. We wanted to point the viewers' attention to the fact that we shouldn't chase away people who are different from us, we should make them feel comfortable and wanted so that they could too be useful to the society they live in.  

To watch the One Minute videos, you'll need Quicktime 5.0.2 or higher. You can download it by clicking here : Quicktime Download



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