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OneMinutesJr workshop in Moldova - Day 5

BALTI, Moldova, 30 May 2014 - Today is the final day of the OneMinutesJr workshop in Balti, the second biggest city in Moldova. The nine boys and four girls who participated in the workshop from Monday till Friday are waiting for the presentation of their final films and we are about to start.

Visitors have arrived from Chisinau this morning: The UNICEF Representative in Moldova, Ms Nune Mangasaryan, is joined at the Youth Health Centre by the Deputy Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament and the UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in the Republic of Moldova, Ms. Nicola Harrington-Buhay.

The guest have arrived for the final presentation - UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2014

It is interesting to see all the films together for the very first time and the compilation gives a very good account of the problematic issues young people in Moldova have to face these days. The UNICEF Representative, Ms. Nune Mangasaryan, stresses the importance of child participation and child expression: "We came here to see what happens in your lives, what moves you, what shapes you. And these films speak a very strong language, a language we can understand. It brings up the issues that we as UNICEF have to address in our country."

The Deputy Speaker of the Moldovan Parlimanent also has a lot of praise for the participants but also some practical advice: "Motivation, motivation, motivation. You have the right to express yourselves, so do it. Also in the future, even without a workshop, address the shortcomings and look for solutions. But in the first place what you need is motivation!"

At the end of the presentation and the discussions, the participants receive their certificates of participation and the mandatory group pictures are made. For everybody who could not attend the final presentation, here are the videos!






OneMinutesJr workshop in Moldova 2014


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