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OneMinutesJr workshop in Moldova - Day 2

BALTI, Moldova, 27 May 2014 - On day 2 of this week's video workshop with most-at-risk adolescents in Moldova we focus on the story development for the short films the teenagers will produce.

The group we are working with is made up of nine boys and four girls aged between 14 and 19. Some of them have had direct or indirect contact with drugs, some have been in conflict with the law and all of them have their own stories to tell. But - and that is the difficult part for both trainers and participants - to zoom in and then focus on the most important stories they want to tell takes a lot of trust and the willingness to share these personal details. 

Two young participants discussing their story ideas during day 2 of the workshop in Balti - UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2014

One of the participants lives with his father since his mother left them when he was only eight months old. His father then kept telling him that his mother died and he only found out a few years ago that this is not true. He tried to get in touch with his mother, finally reached her, but only to be told that he was never wanted and that she does not want any further contact with him. Finding out that you were dropped by your mother and lied to by your father for most of your life weighs heavily on a 14-year-old boy.

Two other boys are dealing with motivational issues. They tend to just sit at home and play computer games. They skip school, face unemployment in the near future and have a very bleak outlook on life in general. Maybe talking about their issues and developing a short film about it will generate a better awareness for their own issues and then take initiative and change them.

One of the participants has spent some time in a youth penitentiary and now reflects upon his time there and how he has come out of the dark and into the light. On the way to lunch every day near the workshop venue, the Youth Health Centre in Balti, there is an old well. The 19-year-old boy will use this as the backdrop for his film and show how difficult and long the way is when you once hit the bottom.

Script-writing is among the most important activities in the film making process - UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2014

Two story ideas also involve the use of music as a method of channeling your emotions into a more positive direction. Denis (19) will rap a song about faith and his parents while Vitalie (16) will improvise on the piano and explain how improvisation is also a part of his daily life and how you have to be prepared for everything that comes your way when you are young.

The story development is going well so that we are well on course for the first films to be shot tomorrow. 





OneMinutesJr workshop in Moldova 2014


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