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OneMinutesJr workshop in Turkey - Day 4

by Chris Schuepp

KAHRAMANMARAŞ, Turkey, 26 April 2014 - Day 4 of the OneMinutesJr workshop in the Kahramanmaraş Refugee Camp sees the whole group out filming their movies again. We only got less than half of the filming done so far, so we spend the entire day roaming through the camp, getting footage in tents, in the streets, near the fence, simply everywhere. 

UNICEF Turkey Representative Dr. Ayman Abulaban visiting the OneMinutesJr workshop - UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2014

But first we have a visit in the child friendly space by the UNICEF Turkey Representative Dr. Ayman Abulaban. He reminds us that tomorrow we will have a "big visit" by the President of Germany and that we need to be able to show a couple of films and ask a number of questions. So with this in mind, we are off into the streets of the Kahramanmaraş Refugee Camp.

As mentioned before, Yazid (13) from Idlip remembers the beautiful garden his family had back in Syria before the war. We falsely reported the other day that Yazid will plant the very first tree in the camp in his OneMinutesJr video. Now that we have spent a bit more time in the camp, we have seen several small "gardens" that the refugees have put up and where they grow little plants. This gives them a sense of purpose, a sense of normality and also something to do and look after. It changes he color of the camp from grey to green and that's exactly what Yazid wants to show with his film that he is producing today.

Yazid (13) at work, acting in his own OneMinutesJr video - UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2014

And if Yazid is successful with his little garden, then maybe in the future Ammar will come into the picture. Ammar is 14 years old and comes from Aleppo. Back home he used to help his mother in the kitchen. Now he is preparing the lunch for his family in their tent in the camp. He shows great skills in cooking and wants to open a restaurant when he and his family return to Syria.

Ammar (14) and Mohammed filming "Restaurant Ammar" - UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2014

By the end of the day, we have all but one videos filmed and now we can focus on the editing and the German President's visit to the child friendly space tomorrow.





OneMinutesJr workshop in Turkey


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