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OneMinutesJr workshop in Karakol - Day 2

by Chris Schuepp

KARAKOL, Kyrgyzstan, 4 March 2014 - Day 2 of the OneMinutesJr workshop on “water & sanitation” near Lake Issyk Kul starts with more story development in individual sessions with the 20 young participants. 

Some have changed their minds from what they had planned yesterday, others have worked on their initial ideas much more and some even have their scripts and their storyboards ready and are all set to start filming. 

However, surprisingly fast we get everybody up to speed and at lunch time we can make plans for an afternoon of filming in the center of the fourth biggest city in Kyrgyzstan. 

Our first stop is the local hospital, where Albina (12) wants to interview a doctor and ask some questions about hygiene and its benefits. One of the female doctors immediately agrees to give an interview and Albina and Kanymet (13) set up the camera for the short interview. 

Albina (left) and Kanymet getting ready for their first ever interview - UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2014

From the hospital we continue down one of the main streets in Karakol and reach the local market. It's the most busy part of the city, a sprawling cluster of small shops, makeshift huts and people selling virtually everything you could imagine. But it is also the dirtiest part of the city and since the sun has started melting the snow, parts of the market are under water and everything is muddy. There is also a lot of garbage around and stray dogs and birds have taken over parts of the market. 

This is one of the topics that the participants of the workshop want to take a closer look at now. The question is: "Why is everything so dirty here, how can you work here?" Two of the girls from our workshop roam the market and try to find answers.

Garbage everywhere, how can you work here? - UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2014

There are public toilets on the market and Bekboosun had a great film idea. The 17-year-old boy bought a bag of apples. He positions himself outside one of the public toilets. When somebody exits the toilet hut, he asks them: "Did you wash your hands?" When the answer is positive, the person gets an apple from Bekboosun with the words: "Ok, then you can touch the apple without any problems. Otherwise I wouldn't have given you an apple."

Right across the street from the market entrance is a restaurant having local Kyrgyz and other Central Asian dishes on the menu. One of the favourites here is surely "Beshbarmak" which translates as "Five fingers", because it is traditionally eaten with the hands. Zumrat (15) has developed this into a film idea. We see one of the workshop participants eat Beshbarmak and later then Zumrat will produce a voice-over text which clearly says that Beshbarmak is a delicacy - but only if your five fingers are clean and you don't run the danger of getting a stomach infection.

Bekboosun (17) enjoying his role as beshbarmak tester for Zumrat's video - UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2014

Later in the afternoon we film another few films and finish the day with eight movies filmed - a record for a second day of a regular OneMinutesJr workshop. This leaves us much more flexibility for the next couple of days and will enable us to already start editing later today with the group back at the workshop venue.





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