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Young Uzbeks use creativity to raise awareness on drugs

© Sunnatulla Kuziyev, 2005
Young journalist Yayra Pulatova from Uzbekistan won the grand prize in a children's media training seminar organized by UNICEF in Tashkent










Uzbek children produce OneMinutesJr

UNICEF Uzbekistan, in cooperation with the National Children's Media Club Yangi Avlod ("New Generation"), conducted a 5-day training for young journalists from June 22-26, 2005 in the Bustanlik District of the Tashkent Region at the Children's Summer camp Semurg.

20 children aged 12-18 from the city of Tashkent and the Tashkent and Sirdarya disctricts participated in the training which was dedicated to the International Day Against Drugs Abuse.

16 OneMinutesJr related to drugs and HIV/AIDS were produced at the training. Yangi Avlod-member Yayraxon Pulatova won the grand prize of the competition with her video spot called "Garbage" and was awarded with digital photocamera.

The children were trained in creating one minute spots, audio-video editing and computer graphics, writing articles (guidelines for these were provided by UNICEF, Communication Unit).

UNICEF will use the produced materials in external advocacy meetings on the above-mentioned themes, joint UN and media events, training seminars and other programmes and communication-related initiatives.

For more info, please contact Adiba Ziyavuddinova, Assistant Communication Officer (UNICEF Tashkent, Uzbekistan), Tel. +998 71 1339512.

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