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OneMInutesJr workshop in Pristina - Day 2

PRISTINA, 1 October 2013 - Day 2 at the Innovations Lab Kosovo and the young filmmakers are finalizing their story ideas and getting ready to film their OneMinutesJr.

Since many of the participants have to go to school or university in the morning, we start the workshop every day in the early afternoon. One group travels from Mitrovica to Pristina and back every day and they arrive at 12 noon today and are the first to share their story ideas with the trainers.

Drilon (17) goes to school in Mitrovica and he first wants to do a film about the fact that many students use their mobile phones during the classes and are online the whole time, also after school and in the mornings and in the afternoon and until late at night. 

We want to find out more and start discussing the reasons for this with him. It appears that the young people are bored and don't have many other options. Bit how about the classes, we ask? Why are they online in school? Drilon: "Because the classes are boring." Why are the classes boring, are the teachers bad? Drilon: "No, the teachers are ok, but the classrooms are naked. There is no equipment, no technical equipment, nothing. In chemistry class we do all experiments only on the blackboard and in our heads. They are basically invisible experiments." Ok, there's your film!

We agree to go to Mitrovica to film Drilon's film and a couple of other movies on Thursday morning so they can still arrange things and scout locations before we go there while we focus on the other participants who plan to shoot their films here in Pristina. Miri (20) is one of the students from the capital. She complains about the slow bureaucracy in her university, the comparably high costs for unnecessary documents and the long process it takes to get these. In addition to that she talks of wide-spread nepotism and Arber (20) supports her on this view. He wants to make a film about it and expose the "unfair connections" people use here to have an advantage over others. The idea is to do this in a creative way and so Arber is off to buy some oranges and apples...

To bridge the time between now and the end of the workshop we recommend a look at some videos produced during the post-2015 debate earlier this year here in Kosovo. And of course, keep following the blog until the end of the week to keep up with the process at the Innovations Lab Kosovo. 





OneMinutesJr workshop in Pristina


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