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OneMinutesJr workshop on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in Georgia - Day 3

TBILISI, 20 May 2013 - Day 3 of a OneMinutesJr workshop is traditionally the big filming day and today is not an exception in this regard. The participants and trainers are roaming around Tbilisi the whole day, filming all the scenes for their videos.

What is relatively unusual this time is the high demand for animations from the teenagers. This is due to the fact that natural disasters are hard to film and unless you want to use copyrighted footage, which we do not suggest, drawings are a good way of telling the story. And these drawings can be animated with some creativity and there is no shortage in that among our participants.

Mariam (15) showed us a drawing on the first day of the workshop that she had photographed with her mobile phone. She re-created the drawing and uses it now to show the different faces of the earth.

Daki (18) has also prepared large drawings that show how deforestation can lead to landslides, but also what can be done about it. While we film her movie at the workshop venue, two other teams are out in similar missions. 

Trainers Gor from Armenia and David from Georgia accompany the teenagers who want to show the negative effects of human hunger for wood in real life. In a suburb of Tbilisi there is an empty lot where the results of a landslide still can be seen. Houses were destroyed and the the people who used to live there had to move. Mariam (17) is planting a tree as part of her film to remind people through this symbolic act that there are simple ways of preventing landslides.

Finally, Georgi (17) has a small plan and a big plan. The small plan is to bury a toy car under a mudslide. The big plan is to bury a real car under a mudslide...

The team filming this OneMinutesJr video is the last one to report back to the workshop venue just before dark. Both cars are in a terrible state, but the footage is great and the film can now be edited for tomorrow's final presentation.





OneMinutesJr workshop on DRR in Georgia


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