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OneMinutesJr workshop on Violence against children in Georgia - Day 5

by Chris Schuepp

TBILISI, 17 May 2013 - Day 5 of the OneMinutesJr workshop on Violence against children in Georgia and it's time to wrap up the editing and get ready for the final presentation.

As always, there are still many things to be done before everything is ready. Voice-overs need to be recorded, subtitles written and inserted, certificates of participation filled in with correct names of the makers and the titles of the films which in most cases still need to be determined. Anna (15) was one of the first to finish the shooting and editing, but she didn't know what title she should give here film. In the end she went with "Red balloon" - here is her film.

With this example in mind and most of the final editing underway we can already see that this will be a very interesting mix of films with different forms of violence giving an accurate insight into the lives of Georgian children and teenagers.

For the presentation in the afternoon, UNICEF staff members have arrived at the Mediathek, the venue of the seminar in Vake Park. Also, the participant of the second workshop we will do here in Tbilisi that starts tomorrow morning have already arrived to watch the films. They will have a different topic in "disaster risk reduction", but nevertheless they find it interesting to see what kind of films their peers have produced.

We managed to finish 19 films by 19 young filmmakers within five days and the final presentation is a huge success. UNICEF Georgia will now use the films to boost the public awareness of issues concerning violence against children. The films will be a great asset in helping UNICEF get the numbers and figures of their upcoming quantitative study on violence across to the general public. One last group photo and the this first workshop is a wrap...

Group photo after the final presentation at the video workshop on Violence against children in Tbilisi - UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2013





OneMinutesJr workshop in Georgia - Violence against children


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