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OneMinutesJr workshop on Violence against children in Georgia - Day 3

TBILISI, 15 May 2013 - On day 3 of the OneMinutesJr workshop in Georgia, the participants set out to film their movies, some with the help of the trainers, some on their own.

When the OneMinutesJr project started ten years ago, one of the pre-conditions for participation in the workshops was that the children were already involved in film-making. Over the years, this approach changed and it became more and more important that the participants were close to the topics of the workshops. 

Here in Georgia, we are lucky to have it both in one. Many of the teenagers are attending film schools or work with film-making projects offered by NGOs. A big group of participants comes from Pionerfilm and another group from the former Internews & UNICEF project

Creative scene for a OneMinutesJr film in Georgia - UNICEF / Chris Schuepp /2013

This is very helpful because it means that the filming schedule is much more relaxed. Usually we have to fit in the shooting of 20 films in about two days and the three trainers need to accompany the children to all locations. Here in Tbilisi many of the participants have explained their scenarios and story lines to us and now go off to film the footage by themselves.

Some of the films are shot in the surroundings of the Mediathek where we hold the workshop. Vake Park is a very nice and green part of the city and the perfect backdrop for Anna's film about the girl with the balloon and the boy with the slingshot.

Screenshot from Anna's OneMinutesJr video

Anna has never shot a film herself, but she is doing an amazing job with the camera. She has the mind of a filmmaker and so the technical part of it is not a real problem. The 15-year-old girl knows what the shot should look like, so she tries getting it right until she succeeds. Back at the editing desk, it's simply a matter of putting the pieces together and a great OneMinutesJr video is done.

The first film finished at this workshop in Violence against children has just been uploaded - feel free to be among the first people to watch it right here!





OneMinutesJr workshop in Georgia - Violence against children


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