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OneMinutesJr workshop on Violence against children in Georgia - Day 2

TBILISI, 14 May 2013 - On the second day of the OneMinutesJr workshop in the Georgian capital, the teenagers finish the development of their story ideas.

Participants in Tbilisi experiment with the video equipment while finishing their scripts - UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2013

The first participant to come forward with her idea is 15-year-old Anna. She tells us her idea about a girl with a balloon in a park and a boy with a slingshot in the same park. The two children meet and the story takes an interesting turn.

Nini (15) has a sad story for us. The main actor is a little child who is torn between mother and father during a divorce. This is quite common here in Georgia and Nini is not the only one whose video is set in a domestic environment. While some children tell us about physical violence, most are concerned about the psychological violence the children have to endure.

The upcoming UNICEF study will give interesting insights into the understanding of different forms of violence in the Georgian society. The researchers found out that psychological violence is the least well understood form of violence in Georgia. As per definition in the Georgian National Procedures for Child Protection and Referral, psychological violence is “assault, blackmail, humiliation, threatening or any other action that hurt the pride and dignity of a child and might impose danger to the health and life of a child.”

Georgi and Elene practicing for the "Rubik's Cube" movie - UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2013

Salomé (17) will produce a film that offers a solution to this problem. She will use creative means to show the viewers that you need to train and use your senses to see, hear and feel violence and then also speak out against it.

Elene is a real wizard when it comes to Rubik's Cube. It just goes click-click-click and the right colors appear in the right places. Now the 16-year-old wants to make use of this in her OneMinutesJr video and so she changes the original cube design a little bit to twist not only the cube but also the story of her film.

Tako (16) is the last one to make up her mind. She bring two new issues into the discussion: poverty and bullying. Her film will end with physical violence, but fortunately only acted and not real.

It looks like we have a couple of very interesting days of filming ahead of us now while the participants prepare their locations and props for the shooting.





OneMinutesJr workshop in Georgia - Violence against children


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