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OneMinutesJr workshops on Juvenile Justice in Ukraine - Day 6

by Chris Schuepp

Kharkiv, UKRAINE, 21 March 2013 - On day 2 of the OneMinutesJr workshop at the Kuryazh Youth Correctional Facility for Boys outside of Kharkiv in Eastern Ukraine we start the day with camera instructions and more discussions with the 15 young participants about their story ideas.

The participants do not have any experience with cameras yet, but they pick up the main things you need to keep in mind quickly and take turns checking out the equipment and film each other throughout the morning session. In the meantime we continue our individual interviews with them concerning their scripts. 

The last three boys we did not have a chance to talk to yesterday come first. Bogdan (17) was always told by his father that if he ever ended up in jail, his father would not talk to him anymore. Now the time has come, Bogdan is here in a boys' penitentiary outside of Kharkiv, but his father still keeps in touch. He calls, visits, send small parcels - and Bogdan is very happy about that.

Igor (16) shares another very personal story with us. He was given a suspended sentence for stealing a mobile phone. Later he was also caught while stealing a computer and now he serves a 3 1/2-year sentence behind bars. One of his favorite past time here is making fishing nets.

He has learned knotting fishing nets here in the detention center and he will use the image and the symbolism of the nets to show how he ended up here, a long story of neglect by his parents, wrong friends and unlucky circumstances.

We start filming in the afternoon and see a lot of tattoos, the football pitch of the the "colony" and even receive and unpack a parcel from a boy's parents. At the end of the day, we pay a visit to the doctor and get Oleg's lungs checked. The 16-year-old boy started smoking at the age of 5, drank heavily from 14 and is quite happy to get a break from "life out there" for a while. He will tell his story through the images shot at the doctor's.

More filming is coming up tomorrow, there are many other great films in the making...



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