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OneMinutesJr workshops on Juvenile Justice in Ukraine - Day 4

by Chris Schuepp

Melitopol, UKRAINE, 19 March 2013 - We are wrapping up the OneMinutesJr workshop in the Girls' Detention Facility in Melitopol today with the final presentation of all the 15 films we produced here with the young inmates over the last four days.

Together with the 15 girls we finish the editing process, decide which titles the films will have, do translations for the subtitles and put the finishing touches to the videos. In the meantime, the girls fill in the application forms for their films that will qualify them for the 2013 OneMinutesJr video awards through the project website.

The films are a great mix of looking at the past and dreaming of a better future. They show the spirit of the girls here at the Melitopol Detention Facility for Girls and their dreams of brighter days ahead. 

At the presentation, the young film-makers are joined by other inmates, penitentiary staff and of course the Detention Facility management. Additionally, a local TV team has made its way out here to film the final presentation and make short interviews with the trainers and the UNICEF Ukraine Child Protection Officer.

UNICEF Ukraine Child Protection Officer in an interview with a local TV station at the end of the workshop in Melitopol - UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2013

What the films show and what the interviews also make clear is the essence of the workshop: We need to make sure these girls get a second chance and at the same time we need to work on preemptive measures to prevent other girls and boys from going through the same pain and the same loss of freedom. 

Many of the girls from the workshop cry when the director of the facility officially closes the workshop. They now go back to their daily routine while the trainers travel on to Kharkiv to start the next workshop in a boys' penitentiary there tomorrow morning.

Here is one of the films produced in Melitopol:



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