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OneMinutesJr workshop in Odessa, Ukraine (5)

ODESSA, Ukraine, 7 October 2012 - The final day of the video workshop in Odessa has arrived and we are setting up the workshop room at The Way Home for the final presentation of the films.

Some of the participants and trainer Kristina from Estonia after the workshop in Odessa - UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2012

All the films are edited and subtitled in English. Some international visitors have come and also some of the participants' friends. The young filmmakers are nervous now that the premiere of their films is around the corner. They only need to fill in the applications forms now for the global OneMinutesJr Awards and then we can start.

We have managed to produce 12 films with the youngsters here at The Way Home and it was not always easy. The children are on their special schedules, have to go to school, play football in clubs or have special chores to do at the children's home. But when it came to telling their stories, they were very much into the workshop and a couple of the boys will be very sorry when they cannot run around with the cameras anymore, filming random things but also setting up scenes and filming short movies with their friends.

There are documentary films about living in the streets, there are one-minute monologues, there are artistic videos and there are personal statements about the way poverty has an impact on otherwise well-functioning families. But see for yourselves, here are the films:

The workshop concluded with the trainers handing out the Certificates of Participation to the children from The Way Home. The films are going online and will participate in the 2013 OneMinutesJr awards.





Odessa workshop


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