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OneMinutesJr workshop in Odessa, Ukraine (2)

by Chris Schuepp

ODESSA, Ukraine, 4 October 2012 - Day 2 at the OneMinutesJr workshop in Odessa and today we want to fine-tune the story ideas so we can start shooting the films later today and tomorrow.

Some of the children are hesitant to tell their stories at first, but soon they realize that it is possible to use the special language of movie-making to make a point without giving away too much of their identity.

Nadja tells us her "ping pong story". The 11-year-old girl lives at The Way Home together with about 25 other children. Every now and then she goes to see her mother and on other occasions she goes to see her father. She feels torn and does not know where she belongs. She is now organizing photos of her and her mother and her father, will take a photo here with her friends and get it printed and then we are ready to shoot her very personal story.

Zhana and Alina checking their footage.

Petya and Anton both used to live in the streets of Odessa. They will go back to the places they remember from that time and will show us around tomorrow. Their films will be more documentary then most of the others and Petya will do the camera work completely by himself. He also wants to interview some children still living in the streets, but this we will only see tomorrow. Some things just cannot be planned.

Meanwhile, the girls are also preparing for their films. Alina wants to become a professional footballer and will use a football in different locations to symbolize her life and the steps she made from living in the streets to reaching her goals.

Zhana's little sister attends kindergarten here at The Way Home, but while she gets picked up by her mother in the afternoon, Zhana stays here. It is difficult for her at times to see her mother come and pick up her little sister, but the 13-year-old knows that for financial reasons, there is no other way at the moment. Nevertheless, she is still hoping for a full family reunion at some point in the future.

Petya shooting a scene about friendship in front of The Way Home in Odessa

In the afternoon we continue practical camera work with the children, discuss their footage and give them additional feedback on how to improve their filming skills. Now all is set for the big filming day tomorrow.





Odessa workshop


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