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OneMinutesJr workshop in Călăraşi, Moldova (5)

by Chris Schuepp

Călăraşi, Moldova, 21 September 2012 – The final day of the workshop has come. One more film needs to be done, then we are ready for the presentation of all the films produced by the participants at the Center for children with disabilities in Călăraşi.

We drive out to a small village about 20 kilometers from Călăraşi where Eugen lives. The 15-year-old boy goes to school, but only on Mondays. That is the day his father can take him there. The school is 10 minutes away by car and there is no other means of transportation. Eugen's wheelchair is at school. At home he does not have one, his father and his mother have to carry him from room to room. The Center for children and teenagers with disabilities in Călăraşi picks him up from time to time, but with 50 children going to the center, it is not possible to have an individual pick-up service. There used to be a private donor who paid for Eugen's transportation to school, but this year there is not money for this.

We pick up Eugen at home, film him there in different rooms, being lonely and bored. Then we go to his school where his friends are waiting for him, help him with the wheelchair and Eugen's smile alone tells the whole story. Since we are very short of time now, the editing process starts with the capturing of the material on the laptop in the car on the way back to the workshop base.

Adriana (left) and Elena (right) with their Certificates of Participation after the final presentation.

A last voice-over, a last title, video project exported and then we can heat up the projector for the final presentation. All participants have gathered and everybody gets a special cheer for their films. It is amazing to see what this group of children and teenagers has achieved this week. Eye-opening video that will travel a long way!

The whole workshop group in the Center for children with disabilities in Călăraşi, Moldova.

The workshop is now over, but the videos have just started going viral. They will participate in the OneMinutesJr Award, some will get sent to other film festival such as Breaking Down Barriers and they will definitely also participate in a special UNICEF competition called "It's about ability". It would not be a surprise for the trainers to see at least one or two of the participants from Călăraşi again at an awards ceremony in the not-so-distant future.

Here is your chance to be among the first people to watch the films - this is the full playlist with the 17 films produced this week in Călăraşi, Moldova.





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