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OneMinutesJr workshop - Derventa (BiH) - Day 3

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2011
Silvana and Valentina acting in a OneMinutesJr film about friendships.
DERVENTA, BiH, 16 November 2011 - The third day of a OneMinutesJr workshop is always the day with the busiest filming schedule and since that day is today, all the participants are out with the cameras, shooting their films.

Alic (14) wants to show that violence can start small and then end up in a big tragedy. He shows how boys start fighting after a foul in a football match, then the fathers get involved and then the whole story gets a very dramatic turn with the whole country on fire. Of course, Alic sees his film as a warning and he will need to make sure this is understood by everybody through the title or a voice-over.

Also in the school-yard, Silvana and Valentina (both 13) film a story about friendship and how a friendship can fall apart. Valentina, who is also the director and producer of the film, wants to get across that friends should be there for one another all the time, not only when nobody else is around.

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2011
Children's views in focus: TheOneMinutesJr project in a school in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Drazen (13) takes us to his home in the afternoon and we get to know his grandmother. The topic for Drazen's film is "respect for the elderly" and we see how much Drazen loves his grandmother and how close they are. In the end, Drazen says: "So, if there is ever an old woman on the bus, give her your seat, because it could be my grandmother!"

Jovana (13) loves to paint and she has brought a picture with her today that shows her how she sees herself when she is 20 years old. Now she describes her feelings and how she thinks she is happier now than she will be in the future. Her fears, her worries - all in one minute!

By the end of the day, 11 of 14 films are shot and we start loading the footage on the computers. One more day of filming, voice-overs, editing and so on is coming up tomorrow and then, on Friday, all 14 films need to be ready for our final presentation.





OneMinutesJr workshop - Derventa (BiH)


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