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Tatiana Panait's award-winning OneMinuteJr “Sleeping at the orphanage”

NAME:  Tatiana Panait

AGE:  19

CITY:  Bucharest

COUNTRY: Romania

Tatiana Panait was abandoned by her parents at birth and was raised in state institutions ever since. She is diagnosed with slight intellectual disability and is going to end her vocational training in 2005, after which her future is a huge unknown quantity, as the safety nets provided by the state are likely to prove with too big holes to hold her afloat.

She is of Roma ethnic background, but she does not have a Roma identity, as she was never raised by them. Tatiana’s physical abilities are remarkable, making her, along with her other colleagues, a perfect candidate for athletic events. For the past three years Tatiana was part of a group of institutionalized children who supplemented the number of street children taught by the Parada Foundation to perform in the street joggling and athletic moves, like human pyramids.

As such, Tatiana and her colleagues toured France in 2002 and Italy in 2003, while being hosted by local families. Tatiana moved out from the orphanage last year and shares now a three-bedroom apartment, funded by the Direction for Child Protection of Bucharest 2nd District, with other five girls of the same origin. They have constant supervision and financial support. However, that is likely to end once Tatiana graduates from the vocational school in 2005.






Sleeping at the orphanage
by Tatiana Panait, 19

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