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Leave No Child Out
One Minute videos made by young people

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Every child has the right to be happy
by Lali Kalandarishvili & Nino Ajibegishvili (Tbilisi Youth House Foundation)

Government must protect children from sexual exploitation
by Lela Ninoshvili & Tamar Khubashvili (Tbilisi Youth House Foundation)

Every child has the right to be protected from discrimination
by Nino Dedalamazishvili (Tbilisi Youth House Foundation)

Every child has the right to live
by Sopho Kereselidze (Tbilisi Youth House Foundation)

They imitate
by Tamuna Geliashvili (Educational TV Center)

by Mari Shengelia & Keti Kimosteli & Anna Iaseshvili (Georgia)

That’s our world, too!
by Nika Barnamishvili (Studio ADC)

Don’t leave child out
by George Baramidze (Studio ADC)

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