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Best OneMinutesJr videos awarded at Stranger Festival in Amsterdam

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2009
Nominees Anara (15, left) and Dilde (16) with award-winning filmmaker Ferenc Moldovanyi from Hungary at the Stranger Festival in Amsterdam.

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands - October 17, 2009

The best OneMinutesJr videos produced in 2009 were awarded at the closing event of the Stranger Festival in Amsterdam, Netherlands, today. The OneMinutesJr is a project supported by UNICEF, the European Cultural Foundation and the One Minutes Foundation and challenges young people to tell their stories in a one-minute video. The project has been running for more than six years now and once a year the best videos awarded in an interactive ceremony in the Dutch city of Amsterdam.

This year's winners came from Bangladesh, the USA and Burundi.

Category Inside Out: Canvas - Ahmmed Raihan - Bangladesh

Category (Self) Portrait: Alice doesn't live there anymore - Nomi Leasure - USA

Category One Minute of Freedom: Arrête! (Stop!) - Miburo Anicet - Burundi

From the CEECIS region, three young film-makers were nominated and attended the awards ceremony. Aleksandra (15) from Macedonia and Anara (14) and Dilde (15) from Kyrgyzstan enjoyed the three days of the Stranger Academy, full of workshops, lectures and co-operation with fellow teenage video-makers. Although they all did not receive an award in the end, they were very happy to be present at the Stranger Festival in Amsterdam.

Anara from Kyrgyzstan, who lives in an orphanage two hours from the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek, said: "When I heard I am nominated and I am going to Holland, I couldn't believe it. I thought Holland was the nickname for some quarter of Bishkek, but when they took me to take picture for my first-ever passport, I was staring to wonder. Then they explained to me that it is for real and that it's really Holland in Europe, the Netherlands, Amsterdam. It's still hard to believe that I am here now..."

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2009
Aleksandra from Macedonia, Martina from Slovenia and Oana from Romania editing their video produced at the Stranger Academy workshop "Change a tiny world" in Amsterdam.

Aleksandra (15) from Skopje also enjoyed her time in Amsterdam. While Anara and Dilde were in the "Magic in a minute"-workshop, Aleksandra joined a workshop named "Change a tiny world". Together with Oana (22) from Romania and Martina, an 18 year-old Roma girl from Slovenia, she produced a film that encourages parents to kiss their children more often. "It was nice to see the reactions of the people in the streets when we asked them with the running camera whether or not they have kissed their children yet today. We hope that the people who watch the film start thinking about how they use their time, especially when it comes to their own children and the way they interact and communicate with them."

Next stop for the OneMinutesJr project now is a five-day workshop from November 2-6 in Budva, Montenegro. The topic of the workshop will be "CRC - the Child Rights Convention turns 20" and the 20 participating children/teenagers will produce videos on children's rights from their perspective.

You can watch more OneMinutesJr here or read more about the Stranger Festival here.



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