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UNICEF contest invites youth videos on children’s rights

Still from the OneMinutesJr film ‘I Want to Speak’ by Malohat Toxtayeva (Uzbekistan).

NEW YORK, USA, 30 June 2009

People all over the world can talk about children’s rights, but it is children themselves who have firsthand experience on the subject. In honour of the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) – which will be observed later this year – UNICEF is inviting young people around the world to share their thoughts on the issue in video form.

“People always say that teens are meant to be seen and not heard,” said Malaysian youth video maker Wan Su-Ann. “I have the very strong urge to tell people that we are teens, we have our opinions and we want the world to know.”

For filmmakers under 25

UNICEF has launched the CRC Video Contest as a platform for airing those opinions. Young people under the age of 25 are invited to create and submit one-minute films exploring the state of child rights in general or focusing on a specific right and telling a story.

Ten finalists will be featured on the UNICEF Voices of Youth website and on UNICEF’s social networking webpages, including Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. Then the winning film will have its world premiere at the CRC 20th anniversary celebration on 20 November; it will also be distributed to broadcasters worldwide.

“UNICEF held a similar contest in 2007 in honour of the 18th anniversary of the CRC,” said Executive Producer of Children’s Broadcasting Initiatives Karen Cirillo. “The winning film was from a group of teenagers from Argentina. They were so proud that the world got to see what was on their minds.”

Extended deadline: 30 August, 2009

This year’s competition is another unique chance for young people to have their voices heard by a global audience.

“Seeing what young people think about their rights is such an opportunity,” said Ms. Cirillo. “Some themes run across multiple nations, while others are unique to their countries or regions.

“We call on all youths to submit a film and tell their friends to submit a film,” she added. “The more films UNICEF receives, the better we are able to share the true feelings of kids around the world.”

Read about CRC Video Contest details here. And don’t forget to send in your video! The extended deadline for submissions now is 30 August, 2009.

ЮНИСЕФ Конкурс молодых видеожурналистов

В ответ на многочисленные просьбы, мы решили продлить до 30 августа 2009 года срок подачи заявок на участие в организуемом ЮНИСЕФ Конкурсе молодых видеожурналистов, посвященном годовщине Конвенции о правах ребенка (КПР).
Готовясь отметить 20-ую годовщину со дня принятия Конвенции – документа, закрепляющего за молодыми людьми их важнейшие права, - мы хотели бы узнать Ваше мнение по данной проблематике. Снимите видеоролик, иллюстрирующий Ваше толкование понятия «права ребенка», будь то в масштабах всего мира, Вашей страны, Вашей общины или лично Вас. Продолжительность видеоролика не должна превышать одной минуты. В состав жюри, оценивающего видеоролики, войдут профессиональные журналисты и молодые люди со всех концов света. Лучшие видеоролики будут транслироваться в ходе кампании, посвященной 20-ой годовщине КПР, и мероприятий в рамках Международного дня детского вещания 2010 года.

Более подробную информацию о Конвенции о правах ребенка и Конкурсе молодых видеожурналистов можно получить, нажав на нижеприведенную ссылку:

Напоминаем, что последний день подачи заявок – 30 августа 2009 года.       



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