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Human Interest Stories

These stories from children and young people from the CEE/CIS region as well as from their peers and parents allow a much closer, personal and authentic look at the challenges of "Living with HIV/AIDS."


Armand Learns to Break the Cycle
Armand uses his past experience as an injecting drug user to help other young drug users make the decision NOT to inject

Dilfruz's New Life
A Kyrgyz woman finds hope for herself and her HIV positive son, and gives hope back to others

Marius: Living With HIV Since the Age of Two
Twenty-three year-old Marius never thought he would reach this age. Now, as long as he can continue his anti-retroviral treatment, he believes he has every chance of finishing his studies, having a family and succeeding in life

Mirela: A Resilient Roma Girl
Mirela* faces poverty, abuse and exploitation every day, yet she has managed to build up enough resilience to support and care for her family. Her goals are to get Serbian identity documents and claim her right to work and to receive health care

Myshko: Mom's Third Little Hercules
Myshko is one of very few Ukrainian children living with HIV who have been adopted.

Olimbi: Fighting for the Rights of Her Sons - "Mission Possible"
Olimbi is a courageous woman who has been fighting for her rights and the rights of all people living with HIV for years in Albania

Tamara: Hiding Her Status for the Sake of Her Son
An HIV positive mother must hide her status so her son can stay in school... but she has found a place where she feels safe and accepted

Various Parents: Learning to Live with a “Plus” on Your Record
Parents and caregivers of HIV positive children express their views about the daily challenges they face, the strategies they are creating to cope and their hopes and dreams for building a better future for their children and families





Experiences from the Field

Blame and Banishment: Human Interest Stories


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