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AIDS Conference in Vienna

At the AIDS 2010 conference in Vienna in July 2010, UNICEF published the report "Blame and Banishment".

The report describes the recent trends in Eastern Europe and Central Asia which continue to see rapid increases in HIV infections among men, women and children.

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The report brings to life the experiences of children, families and young people living with HIV. It gives voice to their stories of despair, stigma and social exclusion, as well as to their courage and hope. It explores the systemic failures in responding to their needs and outlines some good practices. It also describes the contradictions that children and young people, particularly those who are most at risk of HIV, face on a daily basis: societies insist that they conform to social norms, yet exclude them and brand them as misfits; health and social protection systems do not serve their needs and diminish their chances of living normal lives, but blame them when they fail to cope. The report also features some compelling photographs of the realities of living on the edge.

To find out more about the AIDS 2010 Vienna conference, go to the conference website.





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