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UNICEF in action

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Arterm, 18, stands at a graffiti-covered wall at the Centre for Prevention of Addictions in Russia to receive counselling on drugs and HIV and Aids.


Children and young people are at the heart of the fight against HIV and AIDS. They are the solution – not the problem – and their participation in programmes is crucial. We work with young people to help governments and communities tackle the gravest health crisis facing them today.  We provide information, but realise that this is not enough to change behaviour.  So we support life-skills based education to give young people skills such as critical thinking that can protect them against infection. We support youth-friendly services, including access to voluntary counselling and testing. We focus on the young people at greatest risk who have least access to services. And we work with young people on the design and management of programmes.

We support programmes for the children and young people most directly affected by HIV and AIDS to ensure that they have access to quality care. And we advocate for policies that protect them from stigma and discrimination.

Our regional HIV and AIDS strategy centres on three key areas: prevention of infection among young people; prevention of mother to child transmission, and care, support and protection for children and parents living with HIV.

UNICEF works with governments, civil society and other partners to ensure that each country has a comprehensive national HIV and AIDS response,  clearly defining the crucial role to be played by all partners, including civil society and young people, in HIV prevention.



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