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Financing mechanisms in the region should support learning for the most marginalized children.

Education governance and finance structures across the region are extremely weak. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia, countries in the region were forced to redesign public finance and management systems. The transition away from the centralised systems of the pre-1990s has left many countries in the region with weak systems and low governing capacity.

Education reporting mechanisms are unreliable; corruption is common; national, provincial and local ministers have little training in the public finance and management; budget structures are cumbersome and pose difficulties for reform initiatives; many countries have no reliable monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to assure quality of services; and communities and families are often not involved in school management and planning at the local level.

The feebleness of these structures leads to inefficient school systems and poor learning outcomes. The weakness of systems is compounded by a severe lack of resources and investment – most countries spend just about 4 per cent of GDP on education or less.


















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