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The UNICEF Regional Office and the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) collaborated to design and conduct a High Level Technical Workshop on Improving Quality in Early Childhood Education in the countries of this region. The meeting was held on the 4-6 June 2012 in Athens, Greece and was attended by about 100 participants, representing a wide range of stakeholders from more than 20 countries. Participants included representatives of national governments, international organizations, national and international civil society organizations and global experts.

The aim of the workshop was two-fold: 1) to share recent research and thinking on the question of quality in early childhood education services, its relationship to equity in education and learning outcomes; and 2) to support participating country teams in defining and planning the implementation of respective country specific quality frameworks.

Presentations from the meeting:


The Global Partnership for Education and the Question of Quality
Luis Crouch, GPE

Overview of the workshop and a snapshot of ECE in CEECIS
Deepa Grover, UNICEF Regional Office for CEECIS
[English] [Russian]

How a quality framework can help countries to improve Early Childhood Education Services for all children
Aigly Zafeirakou, GPE
[English] [Russian]

Improving access, quality and equity in ECE Services - Country presentations
Moldova - [English]   [Russian]
Kyrgyzstan - [English]   [Russian]
Tajikistan - [English]   [Russian]

The Quality of ECE Services: Lessons from ECERS
Iram Siraj-Blatchford, Institute of Education, University of London
[English]   [Russian]

SABER-ECD analysis in select countries in Europe and Central Asia: Implications for improving quality
Michelle Neumann, The World Bank
[English]   [Russian]


The quality of ECE services and the financial dimension
Jan Van Ravens, Child Study Center of Yale University, Yale School of Medecine
[English]    [Russian]

The revised UK early years foundation stage (Curriculum 0-5)
Iram Siraj-Blatchford, Institute of Education, University of London

Ensuring quality ECE for all in resource poor settings
Caroline Arnold, Burulai Aitikulova and Zuloby Mamadfozilov, Aga Khan Foundation
[English]   [Russian]

Curriculum development and the teaching-learning process: Language and literacy development for all children
Linda Platas, University of California, Berkeley
[English]   [Russian]

Curriculum development and the teaching-learning process: Pre-math concept skills for all children
Genevieve Hartman, Columbia University Teachers College
[English]   [Russian]


Teacher quality and training

Mihaela Ionescu, International Step by Step Association (ISSA)

[English] [Russian]

Assessment of child outcomes: Selecting and adapting the right tools

Patricia Karriger, University of California, Berkeley

[English] [Russian]

Quality criteria that cultivate equity and respect for diversity in ECE: Evidence from the 'Elele' project in Elefssina

Anastasia Hadjistefanou-Vafea and Anastasia Houndoumadi, DECET Network and Schedia Centre for Artistic and Pedagogical Training


Bottlenecks and barriers to accessing quality ECE: Monitoring results for equity

Abhiyan Jung Rana, UNICEF NYHQ


Communities of Practice

Liana Ghent, ISSA, and Erin Tanner, UNICEF Regional Office for CEECIS

[English] [Russian]





Meeting Documents


A Framework and Toolbox for Monitoring and Improving the Quality of Early Childhood Education Services (2011)



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