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Resources on Early Childhood Development


Resources on Early Childhood Development

Supporting Families for Young Child Wellbeing: Resource Modules for Home Visitors [2016]


Introduction | Module 1Module 2Module 3 | Module 4Module 5Module 6 | Module 7Module 8Module 9Module 10Module 11Module 12Module 13 | Module 14 | Module 15 | Trainer guide 


Toolkit of Recommended Curricula and Assessments for Early Childhood Home Visiting [2014]

Starting at the Beginning: The meaningful inclusion of Roma children in early childhood services [2011]


Early Childhood Intervention, Special Education and Inclusion (Belarus) [2011]

English Russian


Assessing the Economic Benefits of Investing in Young Child Growth and Development [2011]

Disaster Risk Reduction in Early Childhood Development [2011]

Care for Development in Three Central Asian Countries: Report of a process evaluation in Tajikistan, Kyrgyz Republic and Kazakhstan [2011]

A Good Start: How to introduce alternative early childhood education services in local communities [2011]


Early Childhood Development: What parliamentarians need to know and do [2011]

English (2011) Russian (2012)

Women, Motherhood, Early Childhood Development: Exploring the question of how poor Roma women's status and situation influences children's survival, growth and development [2011]



Older publications

When 'Special' Means 'Excluded': Roma segregation in special schools in the CEE/CIS region [2009]

The Untapped Developmental Potential of Early Childhood in the CEECIS region [2009]





Right at Birth: Birth registration in Central an Eastern Europe & The Commonwealth of Independent States [2008]

Parenting Programmes: Formative evaluations of Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kazakhstan [2006] Volume IVolume IIVolume IIIVolume IV


Something to Read. Something to Learn. Print media for and about young children (Kyrgyz Republic) [2006]


A Warm and Welcoming Start in Life: The expanded Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (Ukraine) [2006]

Family Education Project Evaluation (Uzbekistan) [2006]

Going Beyond the "Health Only" Approach (Moldova) [2006]

Planning Policies for Early Childhood Development: Guidelines for action [2005]




Early Childhood Counts: A Programming Guide on Early Childhood Care for Development






Polyvalent nurses help prepare women and their partners for the birth and with the changes entailed in becoming a parent. In Serbia, the polyvalent nurse is considered “a friend of the family”.


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