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The rapidly spreading outbreaks of Avian Influenza (bird flu) among wild and domestic birds and the rare but increasing cases of bird flu among people are alarming. If the H5N1 virus changes into a human strain, it would make it possible for person to person transmission and trigger a human flu pandemic. The world must prepare for such a pandemic.

A pandemic would affect all populations regardless of national boundaries or socio-economic status. Every aspect of children’s lives could be seriously threatened. UNICEF is putting its extensive communication expertise and our global on-the-ground presence to the service of national governments and partners to control bird flu and to prepare for a possible pandemic.

UNICEF’s actions are part of a coherent UN system response. What we do is guided by the technical agencies for animal and human health — the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the UN System Influenza Coordinator (UNSIC).

UNICEF is focusing on communication and other supportive measures that inform educate and enable families and communities to protect themselves from illness and death caused by bird flu or its consequences.

UNICEF CEE/CIS press releases on avian flu:

Kyrgyzstan: High-level crisis communications seminar for Pandemic Influenza
25 September 2007 - Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Pandemic preparations underway in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
25 September 2007 - Geneva, Switzerland

Learning about avian influenza through theatre and play
20 July 2007 - Tbilisi, Georgia

Schools tackle spread of Avian Influenza
28 March 2007 - Tbilisi, Georgia

Pandemic Influenza symposium a success among government, experts and media in Azerbaijan
6 March 2007 - Baku, Azerbaijan

Media critical in fight to prevent pandemic flu
13 February 2007 - Geneva

Ukraine and Moldova Government officials discuss prevention of Pandemic Avian Influenza at an International Symposium
13 February 2007 - Kyiv, Ukraine

UNICEF launches EU-sponsored 240,000 euro project against avian flu in Kazakhstan
7 February 2007 - A joint press release of the European Commission and UN Children’s Fund in Kazakhstan

Moldovan children bring home messages on avian influenza prevention
18 May 2006



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